What I’ve Been Working On Since Moving To LA

September 2, 2018

sunstone winery solvang

You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work.

It’s been a hustle since our move from Portland to Toronto to our move to LA – when we finally landed in this city in March of this year. I’ve had a couple projects going on at the same time and my attention has been split into four different directions.

So what is it exactly that I do now?

sunstone winery

My daily to-do lists have required me to start segmenting by project and then moving through all the tasks in that project – otherwise it all just becomes too confusing and overwhelming. I switched to this Happy Planner this year to organize myself and I bought this cute wall calendar from Target for my office.

Here’s what I’ve been up to work-wise for the past couple months!

airbnb lincoln city


Let’s hear it for #AirbnbLife! Our beach house in Lincon City has been keeping me super busy and I think we’ve hosted 40-50 groups already this year. The bulk of season starts in May and then it doesn’t let up until the start of September. Meaning we are back-to-back BOOKED with no days available in-between, a good problem to have, but also a logistical nightmare.

Which means every few days I’m helping people check-in and check-out virtually while co-ordinating cleanings with my housekeeper and ordering / re-stocking things we need via Target delivery and Amazon Prime. Costco isn’t an option because it’s 90 minutes from our beach house – BUT I SO WISH IT WAS.

Then there’s the whole dealing with the things that are broken, missing, and messy guests. I’ll have a whole airbnb post to dedicate to this topic, but I’ve learned A LOT. I still really like running our airbnb and chatting with guests. It’s just been much harder virtually as we didn’t exactly expect to be leaving Portland as quickly as we did.

Want up to $30 off your FIRST Airbnb booking? Use my booking link here! We have some dates available still in September, October, and November too.

Doing Good Digital


In case you missed it, Paul and I launched a digital agency for non-profits called Doing Good Digital. It’s been a TON work of also from the get-go. But I’ve been soooo incredibly invested in making this a success.

I’m currently in charge of the marketing of our agency, our social media feeds, along with social media content, strategy, and copywriting needs for our clients.

Do you work in the non-profit sector or know someone that does? Please tell them about Doing Good Digital! We’ve built our business so far thanks to the amazing referrals we keep getting from our friends and family. Here’s a link to our business here.

lisa ng blog


In addition to all the fun stuff I get to work on over at Doing Good Digital, I also have my freelance clients that I do social media strategy and community management for. It definitely takes up a chunk of my day, but I love my clients and I truly believe in the causes that I work for – so it’s easy work that I want to do.

rancho santa ana botanic garden


The blog has been on the back burner for a bit and I haven’t been able to post as often as I like. But now that things are up and running with our digital agency, I can now spend a bit more time blogging. To be honest, I did miss it. So I’m looking forward to sharing more food, travel, and lifestyle posts with you again.


So you’re all caught up! That’s pretty much what I’ve been working on since our move to LA. Now what type of stories and blog posts would you like to read more of? Do you enjoy the travel guides? Do you want more food features or recipes? Tell me in the comments!







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