I’m Moving to LA Today!


It’s official. I’m moving to LA today.

After six months of almost moving to NYC, a change of plans has my husband and I moving to sunny Los Angeles, California. I wish I was able to have spread the news sooner, but we have been living in limbo waiting to hear whether our visas were approved and we just found out last week that it’s official!


I’ll be at the beach.

So why are we moving to LA? Paul works for a consulting firm that helps non-profits with their online fundraising initiatives. Many of his clients are in the US, so he is heading out west to open the US office. Our visa is good for one year, after which we will re-evaluate how everything is going.


I want to spend more time with Richard.

What happens to the blog? Part of the reason I launched This Beautiful Day was to have an outlet that was not location-centric to Toronto. I hope that this blog can grow with me as I do more traveling, personal essay writing and share my life in LA with my Canadian readers, family and friends. For those of you who know me as The Hip + Urban Girl over at my other blog that I run with Wendy, I will be continuing on as Editor-in-Chief with a fantastic team in Toronto who will cover a lot of fun events and share the writing. I’ll definitely be writing at both publications, however The Hip + Urban Girl will always remain a collective and collaborative blog for Toronto girls with relevant reviews and events.

Route 66 moving to la from toronto

I’m driving Route 66…again! – Yes it’s true, we are doing this drive AGAIN and bringing our beloved Honda FIT with us to California. We’ll be shacking up at a furnished airbnb for the first couple weeks and then hoping to find an apartment in Santa Monica or Venice Beach…SO excited about this.

I’ll be back in Toronto every 6-8 weeks or so after moving to LA as I have a couple fun projects going on in my hometown, so you may just end up seeing me just as much as you usually do 🙂

Do you know WTF you’re doing? No. But you can follow along! I’ll be tweeting over on my new twitter account @helloLisaNg and sharing lots of great instagram photos @ThisBeautifulDay about moving to LA.


Any tips for moving across the country, living in the USA or fun stuff to do in LA? I’m all ears!