Fruit Infused Ice Cubes


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Getting bored with the taste of just plain old water? I get you. I try to drink my eight glasses of filtered water a day and I usually infuse my water with fruit to add some natural flavour to my everyday H20. So what to do if you don’t have time to chop up fruit every time you pour yourself a glass? Fruit infused ice cubes are a GREAT little time saver and adds variety easily. Here’s how:


1) To start, pick out your favourite fruit and herb combinations for your fruit infused ice cubes.


2) Cut-up your fruit and herbs into little pieces and divide amongst your ice cube tray. This is a great way to use up ripe fruit or leftover herbs in your refrigerator!


3) Add fresh filtered water from your Brita pitcher to your tray and freeze for a few hours. You can give your fruit and herbs a little squeeze before adding water to help release their flavour.


4) When you’re looking for a quick and natural flavour infusion on the go, simply add the fruit infused ice cubes to your Brita To-Go Bottle or to your glass of filtered water. Don’t forget to mix + match and experiment with different types of in-season fruit and herbs. It’s THAT easy!

Fruit-Infused-Ice- Cubes-Water





I like to mix up my ice tray with an assortment of different flavours at the start of every week to keep myself from getting bored with the taste. Trying to drink more water? Here are my tips on How-To Stay Hydrated.

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