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3 Things I Wish I Had Done When I Was Stuck In A Rut

things to do when you're stuck in a rut

The good news? I’m no longer in a rut! But I was definitely in a pretty big funk this time last year.

Paul and I were in our late-30s, we had just moved back in with my parents until we could figure out where we would live, if we would be granted a new US visa, while we stared down the daunting task of starting our own digital agency for non-profits – TOGETHER. (more…)

What I’ve Been Working On Since Moving To LA

sunstone winery solvang

You see me I be work, work, work, work, work, work.

It’s been a hustle since our move from Portland to Toronto to our move to LA – when we finally landed in this city in March of this year. I’ve had a couple projects going on at the same time and my attention has been split into four different directions.

So what is it exactly that I do now? (more…)

Tips on Moving to the USA from Canada


I’ve just updated this post with a few extra tidbits since moving to LA last month for a SECOND time and with a new visa! Also, the comments are a great place to find answers for visa questions and importing your car. Enjoy!

Whether you’re being transferred for work or going to college in the USA – you might find this post helpful. Having just moved to the USA from Canada (here’s WHY we moved), I’m hoping others doing the same can benefit from my experience so far and avoid a lot of hassle when getting settled into the United States.

I did everything below out of order, but here is a rough idea of what order you could consider doing everything in and some of the bumps I experienced along the way! (more…)

11 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Use

lisa ng los angeles

Have you ever noticed how much of our food is wrapped in or touches plastic? Did you know that the majority of that plastic waste often ends up in the trash and some of it isn’t even recyclable?

I was recently inspired by my friend Sam over at Little Green Lives to move towards less plastic waste in my life. Have you read this article about how a lot of Canada’s recycling ends up as garabge due to contamination and how people are recycling wrong?

Pictures of the Pacific Ocean littered with plastic waste just makes me shudder and it’s killing wildlife. I decided to finally do something about it. I know I’ll likely never get rid of all plastic in my life, but consuming and discarding less plastic everyday and creating less waste still makes a difference.

Here are 11 easy ways to reduce your everyday plastic use at home, work or school: (more…)

Happy Birthday BINGO!

dog birthday party toronto

We’ve doggone done it.

We’re THOSE people now and I have reached PEAK Dog Mom.

Since we are back in Toronto and we had so many friends with dogs who wanted to get together during our visit, we decided to throw a little birthday party for BINGO to celebrate him turning 4 this year. (more…)

We Are Moving To California!

lisa ng doing good digital

We just found out last Friday that we were approved for a new US Visa – which means…


After spending almost 1.5 months putting together our business plan, visa application, funding and then launching Doing Good Digital, we were granted an interview and we are so grateful that we were approved on the spot.

It feels good to be doing this on our terms and for our own business.

We will be leaving in less then 10 days to drive BACK across the country with our pup BINGO while stopping to see a few clients on the way. It feels fast, but we’ve been back in Toronto since the start of December and we’re both super eager to get things started. (more…)

Our Top 20 Unique Wedding Venues Toronto


Photo via Christopher Luk Photography

Updated February 2018.

During my seven-year career as a DJ, I had the chance to work and attend 400+ weddings all over Toronto and the GTA. I’m always paying close attention to the food, service and how well I am treated (even as a staff member – these are the people who will sing your praises).

A few of them stand out in my mind, so I’m sharing my most favourite and unique wedding venues in Toronto as an industry-insider:

7 Ways To Bring More Hygge Into Your Life


I just recently landed back in Toronto for the holidays and – dayum, it’s cold.

Like -20 celsius COLD.

I haven’t been back in almost 2 years and I definitely haven’t spent a full winter here in 4.5 years. So yeah, you could say I’ve totally wimped out and my west coast body thinks 10 degrees celsius is like parka weather.

Ok, so how do we all stop ourselves from getting depressed this winter? I’m embracing hygge (pronounced hue-gah) and the Danish lifestyle of enjoying life’s simple pleasures when the weather is just miserable outside.

AND I can’t just sit at home eating chocolate biscuits and calling it hygge either.

I’m all about hacking happiness and if I have to hygge the sh*t out of my life to stay happy this winter – then so be it.

Now let’s begin… (more…)

Our Next Chapter – Launching January 2018!

Doing Good Digital

Design by Phil Rubio

After six incredible years in the non-profit consulting sector, Paul has made the big decision to finally launch his very own digital agency!

To be honest with you – it was time.

I will be joining him as a co-founder and helping out with business development, content strategy, marketing, and partnerships while we are in Canada. Paul will be doing everything else as we rapidly start to build our team. (more…)

Would You DNA Test Your Dog?

monogrammed dog hoodie

From the day we adopted our pup BINGO over two years ago – he was our little crazed terrier. We were pretty sure he was a Jack Russell Terrier mix of some sort because he’s so freaking smart, is high energy and just needs a lot of attention.

Paul and I always told people he was a terrier mix of some sort but we weren’t really sure what else he could be. So I reached out to the nice people at embark to ask if I could review one of their Dog DNA Tests to learn more about BINGO’s exact breed and more about his health.

Well, the results are in! (more…)