Review: Whitney English Day Designer

day designer

I’m a paper planner sort of person.

I’ve been eyeing Whitney English’s Day Designer for a long time, but couldn’t bring myself to drop the $60 it costs for this giant day planner. After purchasing her more affordable and smaller Target version for $16, I knew I was ready to make the upgrade.

I am SO glad that I did. First off, the Target version was just a little too small. It was great for slipping into my backpack, carry-on or purse – but there wasn’t enough room for me to really create a proper to-do list and schedule.


The original Day Designer I bought directly from Whitney English’s site is much bigger and thicker. Hence the heftier price point. I think it’s worth every penny. I use my day planner every single day and I’ve loved the layout of the Day Designer the most.

The daily calendar is broken down by hour, which is great for planning out your time. One day gets one full page, so there’s tons of room to jot things down. Yes, it’s heavy and pretty giant – but I’ll rarely be taking this thing with me.

day designer mid year

I work from home and plan on leaving my day planner at home and using it when I’m sitting at my desk. On the rare occasion that I’m going away, I’ll transpose a few things into my electronic calendar but that’s it. I’m not planning on bringing this on vacation with me.

day designer review

Overall, I’m super happy with my purchase and I love all the different cover designs that came out this season. My day designer also included a few fun stickers and came in a beautiful box. It’s a great gift idea for a new grad as well.

The new mid-year collection just launched last week with a bunch of new cover designs! See the full collection online at Day Designer.