What to Eat When You’re Sick

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By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition


It’s that crazy time of year where EVERYONE is sick or getting sick. When you’re not feeling your 100% fab self, it can be hard to eat right. Luckily for us, there are a few foods that can actually help you feel better sooner and make sure your recovery doesn’t take much longer than necessary. Here’s what you can eat when you’re sick.


1. Popsicles – Can’t imagine the idea of solid food? Try the cooling sensation of popsicles to get you some fluid, taste and as a bonus, some cheerful colours for when you’re sick. Compare labels when you go to the store and shun the ones with a whack of sugar. Pick a variety made with some actual fruit.


2. Vegetable Juice – For a boost of antioxidants, hydration and some sodium (which can be a good thing when you’re visiting the bathroom often), grab a glass of vegetable juice. Lower sodium varieties (350mg of sodium per cup), that still taste decent like the one from Compliments by Sobeys, will do just fine.


3. Meal Replacement Drinks – Feeling hungry but don’t feel like solid food? Meal replacements can come in handy in this case. Look for lactose-free drinks with at least six grams of protein and that are lower than 10 grams of sugar like Ensure’s High Protein variety.


4. Chicken Soup – The old standard stays strong. Chicken noodle soup delivers the soothing hot broth we all love and a dose of carb our body craves during times of stress, like infections and when you’re sick. Boost the nutritional status by adding some chickpeas into the soup. Try this Chicken + Dumplings Soup recipe.



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5. Turkey Sandwich – When you start to feel like eating solid food, try turkey. High in protein and other nutrients such as vitamins B6 and B12, selenium and zinc, which will help boost your immune system.


6. Garlic – With powerful antimicrobial, immune-stimulating properties and a potential relief from congestion, garlic is a must. Try this Avocado Toast recipe!


7. Ginger – Have a stomach ache and nausea? Ginger is often used to soothe these symptoms and it may help fight inflammation. Try adding it freshly grated or in powdered form to other foods or drinking flat ginger ale (bonus for hydration!).



8. Grapefruit/Citrus Fruits – Such as oranges, lemons and limes, contain anti-inflammatory compounds called bioflavenoids, helping to give your body a boost when fighting a virus.


9. Watermelon – High in water content to help with your re-hydration efforts, this nutritional powerhouse has a pulp that contains a powerful antioxidant, glutathione, that helps curb cell damage.


10. Non-Sugary Fluids – You may have to forgo bubbly drinks to reduce any further upset tummy issues. Other than than that, when you’re sick (especially with a fever) you need to replace some fluids lost. So go for herbal teas or cold tea like Steaz.


Remember: when you’re sick, the nutritional choices you make become even more important as your body attempts to get better so be picky about what you take in!


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