West Coast Style

I got chatting with my friend Tim Chan of Corduroy Magazine about west coast vs. east coast style since we both moved from Toronto to LA at around the same time about a year ago. Tim ended up writing this article you should read for The Globe & Mail and we did a fun little Q&A  between me and him about my west coast style:


How has your style changed since moving to the West Coast?

Lisa: I definitely don’t get ‘dressed up’ as much as I used to. I brought these pointy black heels that I swore by in Toronto. Since moving to LA, I’ve worn them to dinner maybe once. The style here is much more casual and laid back. I live in Venice, right near the beach – a mini skirt and heels is just too much for a night out.

How would you define “LA style?”

Lisa: There are definitely two looks – going to the gym and going to an audition/work/meeting. Yes you will see a lot of yoga pants, sweats and workout clothes but that’s because we’re either going to the gym or stopping somewhere on the way home from the gym. I walk much less since moving here and I spend a lot of time driving – so working out has become so much more important. That and the weather is always so beautiful – you feel guilty if you’re not outside enjoying it (especially if you’re a Canadian who grew up with LOTS of snow).

I would also add that the style is more slouchy and loose with a hippie/bohemian-vibe. I now do most of my shopping here and here.


What are some things you never thought you would wear that you wear now?

Lisa: I resisted these TOMS for a very long time because I was always in dress shoes or ballet flats. I’ve now fully embraced these slip-ons and have cut my sock collection in half. They are incredibly breathable, comfortable and great for running errands in.



What are some misconceptions about LA style and what is the reality?

Lisa: That you can wear shorts year-round here. You can, but you’ll freeze your butt off by around 4 pm in the winter.


What pieces from Toronto do you still wear in LA?

Lisa: I have this khaki green military jacket that I wear when it gets chilly in LA. I still have a large winter sweater collection that I wear in the evenings, I just don’t layer a big down jacket on top of it any more.