7 Delicious Recipes for Weekend Brunch at Home

sweedeedee weekend brunch

Brunch is serious business.

You can opt to fight through the crowds and line-up with the tourists for a killer weekend brunch OR you can opt-out and create your own stellar brunch menu at home.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love going out for brunch, but more often then not – I’ve been craving lazy Sundays at home where I’m cooking, cleaning, blogging and meal prepping.

Here are a few easy brunch recipes and ideas for your weekend menu: 

easy egg muffin cups recipe

1) Baked Egg Muffin Cups – These baked egg muffins are one of the easiest ways to whip up a batch of eggs for a crowd and this weekend brunch recipe can be made in advance. If you have extras or leftovers, you can freeze them or leave a stack in your fridge to eat all week.

Swiss Chard Eggs

2) Swiss Chard Saute with Eggs + Toast – Get your serving of greens at breakfast with this Swiss Chard Saute served up with eggs and a slice of toast. It definitely beats a cold smoothie for me.

roasted cauliflower recipe

3) Roasted Cauliflower Breakfast Bowls – I love this cauliflower breakfast bowl recipe. It also makes for an incredible lunch to take to work or as a breakfast for dinner idea.


4) Veggie + Cheese Quiche – Serve this veggie + cheese quiche up with a crisp green salad for a relaxed weekend brunch at home. Reheat leftovers for the next day or double the recipe + freeze.


5) Corned Beef Hash + Eggs – Don’t be intimidated by this recipe. Just grab some store-bought corned beef, frozen hashbrowns and eggs and you got an easy hash + eggs.

breakfast burritos

6) Turkey, Egg + Spinach Breakfast Burritos – This breakfast burrito recipe is also part of my weekend meal prepping. It’s a snap to make 10 of these at once and enjoy one for brunch and have a whole batch to get you through the week. Just wrap and freeze!


7) Easy Egg Tacos – If you find yourself in the kitchen with a ripe avocado or leftover salsa, grab yourself a package of corn tortillas and whip up a batch of these Easy Egg Tacos. Add bacon, tater tots and cheese if you’d like!


What do you like to cook for weekend brunch at home?