Weekend Brunch: Accanto – Portland, Oregon


Brunch is no joke here in Portland. We take our weekend breakfast rituals very seriously and by-product are some of the best brunches you will eat in the country. I was recently invited to Accanto in SE Portland to try out their brunch menu. It absolutely did not disappoint.

We started off with their doughy and moist Ricotta Donuts ($6) and all that cheese does make a difference. They were soft to bite with the texture of a light cake donut. It’s served up with lemon curd for dipping and generous sprinkle of powdered sugard.

Definitely order these to start with a nice hot cup of coffee. It took a lot of restraint not to wolf all of these down while waiting for our main.


Paul ordered a Special Seasonal Egg Bowl with a sweet corn hash, shrimp, peppers, basil and two poached eggs. First of all, the corn was so sweet and in season that I kept digging back into this bowl for more. There was a bit of heat from the pepper, but this bowl  was perfection for me. I loved the whole combo and would totally order this again.


Accanto is well-known for the pastas and I am not one to turndown a bowl when I hear it’s homemade in-house! I also like that you can get their pasta at brunch, so I ordered their Rigatoni Carbonara ($14). The rigatoni pasta was on-point. Perfectly al dente, not too mushy. I recently ate somewhere else and had a smaller $22 bowl of pasta and it was over-hyped. Accanto’s pasta surpassed the hipper, more expensive Italian restaurant by a landslide.


The Rigatoni Carbonara featured big chunky bits of pancetta, meaty pieces of roasted cauliflower, a big sprinkle 0r Parmesan and bread crumbs in a light, creamy sauce. I loved this dish and it was super filling, I would consider coming back to Accanto for dinner and trying more of their pasta dishes.


Accanto is a great little place in Portland for brunch with an Italian twist. I believe they do take reservations, so you don’t have to wait in a big hangry line for brunch.


2838 SE Belmont St

Portland, OR 97214