We Are Moving to Portland!

Portland Oregon Sign

First off, apologies for the lack of blog updates on my part. 

Paul and I have been getting ready for a major life change and we JUST signed off on our new place, booked movers and gave notice here in LA. I also spent some time hanging out in Tokyo by myself this month. More on that later!

But first the BIG NEWS: We Are Moving to Portland!


After almost three incredible years living the beach lifestyle here in Los Angeles, we are saying a bittersweet goodbye and moving on to the next chapter of our lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It seemed like just yesterday we were moving to LA.

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Paul is a super outdoorsy guy and a big snowboarder. He’s thrilled to be only an hour away from some great mountains and hiking spots. We are both looking forward to living in a walkable city again with everything at our doorstep. No more crazy 405 traffic and no more driving everywhere. I’ve already started collecting things to do in this Portland Pinterest Board.

Portland has an incredible food scene and is a city full of creatives and makers.

It was calling our name.


We are going to give ourselves a year to lease in the heart of the city and feel out Portland. In the meantime, we are going to look at possible condos or townhomes to buy during our time there and see what we think. It’s still doable to buy a house in Portland in the $350-450K range, whereas in Los Angeles – a fixer-upper starts at $850K (for a neighbourhood we would want to be in) – you seriously need a million dollars.

It’s not really our style to be house poor since we love to travel so much and honestly, I’m not comfortable taking on a mortgage that big and grinding everyday to pay for ‘stuff’ or to make ends meet.


I truly do think we will return to California one day, but we also want to give Portland a try and see if it fits us. We have always toyed with the idea of Portland and made a scouting trip up there in November of last year and just fell in love with this city. Yes, it rains – but remember, we’re from Canada. We will survive.

We are moving in about two weeks and will officially be Portlandians as of May.

Do you have any suggestion of great things to eat, see or do in Portland? Any great friends or people I should have coffee with and meet?

2016 is definitely going to be an adventure!


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  • We’ll miss you here in LA!

  • Baylee Dennis

    Loving your blog! I live in Portland, Or and am dating a canadian! I would love to meet up with you and hear your thoughts on Portland vs Canada over a coffee!

    instagram : bayleedennis



  • You had me at latkes.

    I will most definitely check out Andina! Please do let me know if you ever make it down to Portland 🙂

    • skinny_dip

      Right?! I love a good latke.

      I’ll definitely let you know next time I’m planning a trip down to Portland. Plus, now that you & Paul will be in the PNW, it’s even easier for you to plan a weekend trip to Victoria (hint, hint) and/or other places like Seattle, Vancouver etc. which are in driving distance.

  • LindaK0319

    My husband and I are about to do the same thing! We need help figuring out neighborhoods and how to narrow down our search.. Heading there next week for a scouting trip.. any suggestions?

    • We love the Pearl District because it’s so central and walkable. However, I’m really loving SE Hawthorne and N. Mississippi neighborhoods these days. Definitely check out both. Also ask if your building has AC (some of the new ones don’t) – for me it’s a must since I work from home.