10 Ways To Make Extra Money


It’s the new year, which means all those holiday bills finally catch-up to us. So how do you make extra money in a legit way? I’ve been doing a bit of research and these are the options I would definitely consider.

It’s all about the side hustle, getting rid of things you don’t need and finding people who will pay for your skills and services. Here are 10 great ways to make extra money, because that side hustle can add up or even launch into a business:


1. Freelancing + Consulting

What do you do at your day job? Can you turn that skill into a side hustle where you earn income working on extra work a few evenings and weekends? Maybe you’re a good writer, photographer, graphic designer or programmer. Can you start by selling your services to family, friends or other people in your network?


2. Selling Your Books Online

Glance over at your bookshelf. Is there a ton of crap on it? Are there books you would consider donating or never reading again? Get yourself on BookScouter.com and see what they are worth and figure out if you can sell them online or in-person at a used bookstore. Rare books and textbooks can fetch a lot. You can also sell used books on Amazon.


3. Cleaning Out Your Closet

Same idea with your books, but now with your closet. Clean it out. Figure out what you don’t need. Pile up the bags of clothes and drive to a consignment or thrift store that buys gently used clothes, shoes and bags. Own designer duds? You’ll score more money. Sell everything you can and give the rest to Goodwill. Read my post on efficiently cleaning out your closet.


4. Craigslist Your Old Stuff

Anything you have left that’s not clothes or books, start taking photos of them and posting them on Craiglist. My new rule is that I generally post things worth $20 or more, otherwise I give it to charity and get a tax credit for my donation. See my post on How-To Get Rid of Your Stuff Online and make money doing it. Old furniture, sports equipment, small appliances tend to go fast! Can you re-purpose any of your old furniture, paint it white and give it that modern vintage look? Do it and see if you can fetch more!


5. Dog Walking

Download a local and reputable dog walking app like Rover and hit the sidewalk with Spot. Dog walkers can make up to $25 for a 30-minute walk and it’s a great excuse for you to get outside. This is perfect for those who work from home or have flexible schedules. If you can even do 2-3 times a week, that would help even cover your grocery bill!


6. Pet Sitting

With dog walking also comes pet sitting. If you love animals and could take care or a pet on the weekend check out sites like DogVacay. See if people are looking for pet sitters in your neighbourhood. You set your own rate and it can range from $25-70 a night.


7. Baby-sitting

Love kids? Consider filling your nights and weekends with a baby-sitting gig. Sign-up with a local reputable agency or a site like UrbanSitter. It helps if you have your CPR and first-aid training up-to-date and have passed a criminal background check.


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8. Background Actor

One of the many ways I made money as a student was as background actor or extra. If you live in a city where they shoot a lot of movies or TV shows, consider connecting yourself to a background talent agency. I’ve lived in Toronto and LA where this is a definite possibility. NYC, Vancouver are also great places with a booming film industry. See if you can book work on the weekends or during the week if your schedule is flexible. Non-union hourly rate in Canada is $11/hour, but if you can make it into the union, your rate more then doubles.


9. Airbnb

Do you have an extra room, basement apartment or even family cottage that you can rent out? Consider listing it on airbnb.com for a little bit of extra cash. I have two friends here that rent out their whole homes and stay elsewhere while their rental makes them anywhere from $200-300 a day! It’s not a bad idea if you can take anything valuable and sentimental with you and don’t mind people sleeping in your bed. It’s a great way to make extra money!


10. Sell Your Photos

I’m just in the process of testing this out and listed a few of my best ‘stock-ready’ photos on Picfair.com. You set your own price and they website takes a 10% cut off the top. I haven’t sold any yet – but since I have a blog FULL of curated photos and lots of photos of California, I thought it would at least be worth a try!


Do you have a side hustle? How do you make extra money?