How To Create A Delicious Vegan Cheese Board

miyoko's vegan cheese

I love creating epic cheese platters.

So when my friend Jenni suggested we host a baby shower (see my fave gift ideas) for our friend Lindsay (who is vegan), I offered to do all the food. Now I’ve never catered a vegan party before – but I love eating healthy and am definitely interested in cooking more vegan meals.

So a vegan cheese platter? It’s not as intimidating as you think. Luckily, Lindsay sent me a list of her favourite cheeses that I easily paired with fruit and crackers. Here’s what I suggest for your own vegan cheese platter:

double chive cheese

Miyoko’s Double Chive Vegan Cheese – It was my first time having this vegan creamy cheese and HOLY CRAP, it’s amazing. It’s smoky, spreadable with a nice onion flavour. It spreads easily on a cracker and honestly, I wouldn’t have known Mikyoko’s cheese was vegan unless you told me. It’s delicious and made from cashews and miso paste.

vegan cheese board

Fresh Fruit + Nuts – I always like to add fresh seasonal fruit. This time around I went with halved apricots, plump strawberries, and green grapes. We also added some dried mangoes, almonds and a small jar of honey for sweetness.

Field Roast Deli Slices – The deli slices are made from lentils in a sundried tomato flavour from Field Roast. It added a nice salty taste and a bit of texture contrast to all the cheese. I highly recommend because they are delicious!

vegan cheese board ideas

Vegan Crackers – I found these beet crackers on a Target trip and they were super tasty, sort of healthy and added some colour to my vegan cheese board. I also added in some rye crispbread from Trader Joe’s and some water crackers – all vegan!

vegan cheese

Daiya Cheese – I opted for the Daiya Vegan Cheese blocks (Havarti pictured above) as Lindsay mentioned that they were really good. Daiya was also fairly inexpensive, for those on a budget. I thought the havarti had a good full flavour, not spicy at all and paired well with the fruit and crackers.

daiya cheddar cheese

I also bought the Daiya Cheddar Block which has the texture and look of an actual block of cheddar cheese. This was a good standard flavour to include because most people are cool with cheddar.

vegan brunch ideas

As part of my vegan brunch menu, I also created a DIY Avocado Toast Bar, Chick’n + Vegan Waffles Station, along with Veggies and Toby’s Jalapeno Tofu DipI also put out a few vegan chocolate chip cookies I bought ready-made from Trader Joe’s and a platter of chips, salsa and guacamole – all vegan friendly!

toby's tofu dip

So if you’re stressing ever about putting together a vegan brunch that doesn’t involve bacon, eggs or dairy – be creative, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and everyone enjoyed the food.


Congratulations again to my friend Lindsay Ingalls of Naturally Family and to Jenni Bost of A Well Crafted Party for being such an awesome co-host and party planner extraordinare!

cheese board

Photos also provided by: Jenni Bost of A Well Crafted Party



  • That cheese board was delicious! And after this brunch, I went out and bought those beet crackers. My kids are weirded out by the color, but hey, more for me!