Under the Bathroom Sink Makeover


My under the bathroom sink needed a serious makeover because there are no drawers.

After spending some time earlier this summer giving my makeup drawer a makeover, I decided that the space under my bathroom sink needed the same thing. I don’t have an actual drawer in my bathroom – just a big heap of empty space. I actually store my makeup in the powder room downstairs where there is a drawer, but my daily beauty products lie in a jumbled heap under my sink. I did a little sleuthing on Pinterest and came up with this solution for all my skin, hair and daily hygiene products.


Here’s what it looked like under my bathroom sink before my little makeover


I found this cute litte industrial basket at The Container Store to contain the epic amount of toilet paper I bought from Costco.


I bought a set of two clear plastic shoe drawers (also from The Container Store) for under my sink to hold all the little things. The one on the left is set up with all my hair products. The one on the right contains extra soap, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, extra contact lenses, my thermometer and face stuff. The shoe boxes created the drawers that my bathroom was clearly lacking.


My daily bathroom bin is something I can pull out from under the sink for the products I use every single day. This is where I stashed my toothpaste, floss, face cream, eye treatment, serums, visine, lip balm and makeup remover. After I’m done, I can put just this one bin back under the sink.


If you’re lacking in structured storage or drawer space, try these over-the-door racks. The one for my hair dryer was a steal at $7.99. The other basket I use for storing tall, large containers I use everyday like my mouthwash, saline solution, body moisturizer, deoderant, hair styling products, eye makeup remover and on the bottom are my hair brushes.


Here’s one more look at what my under the bathroom sink area looks like now. In the middle are my flat iron and curling iron. It’s ridiculous, but when I open this cupboard at the start of every morning – I am actually relaxed because I don’t have to go searching for everything.

Do you have any creative bathroom storage solutions?