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I’ve been writing a lot of Christmas Gift Guides for the blog these last couple weeks and I wanted to take a moment to focus on one particular Christmas gift that gives back. As much as I love candles, notebooks and all sorts of pretty gifts over the holidays, I truly love to give and receive something that makes a difference. We’ve actually stopped exchanging gifts with Paul’s immediate family and we all choose a charity that we ask for donations to instead.


If you’re thinking of doing the same thing with your friends and family this year, UNICEF is offering the opportunity to give a holiday gift that can change a child’s life. The UNICEF Survival Gift Guide is where you can purchase everyday luxuries for children in need. With your online purchase, the product is pulled warehouse in Copenhagen and sent directly to people in the field.

My friends at UNICEF recently sent me a survival box to share with you firsthand on what types of gifts you can choose to fund – see the video above! Here are some fantastic gift ideas from their catalogue:



BABY BLANKET – Something so basic and simple is a luxury for us and a necessity for others. Give a baby blanket to comfort new babies and their mothers. Blankets for babies are only $22, and that gives 3 babies a cozy welcome!

PLUMPY NUT  – This therapeutic food can help a severely malnourished child a chance to survive. If you think about what you spend on coffee this week, just $10 can help a hungry child instead. So let’s all buy some Plumpy Nut!

THERAPEUTIC MILK – This powder-based product can easily be mixed with water and provide children basic nutrients to grow strong and healthy. For 25 packets of Therapeutic Milk, it’s only $20!

WATER PURIFICATION TABLETS – There are places in our world where you can’t simply turn on a tap when you need clean water to drink. These water purification tablets can be mixed with a local water source and can then be used for drinking, cooking and cleaning. $19 provides 2,857 to families who need clean water.


Are you ready to give a gift that gives back? Not sure what to get the person who has everything? The UNICEF Survival Gifts catalogue is a great place to shop and there are lots of options so you can truly personalize your gift. These small luxuries can make a difference.

To see what an impact UNICEF Survival Gifts are making to the recipients, check out www.youtube.com/unicefcanada for real life experiences, and you can shop from there too! Or join the conversation at #unBOXPossibilities.


Help UNICEF unBOX Possibilities for children in need this holiday

  • Meredith

    Thank you for sharing this organization’s great work! I just went and bought a whole bunch of stuff for my nephews and nieces to go along with their toys. We have done Oxfam Unwrapped (http://www.oxfamunwrapped.ca/) in the past but it is always great to find other great organizations. And with the matching gifts, you can get a whole lot more for your money and help even more children in need.

    • Hi Meredith! I’m so thrilled that you were able to find a few gifts for your family. I just checked out the site again and it’s so great to see PLUMPY NUT being matched right now. It’s one of my faves. Happy Holidays!