5 Recipe Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

turkey sandwich thanksgiving leftovers

Gourmet Turkey Sandwich 

The first thing I do is make up a bunch of gourmet turkey sandwiches to enjoy all week! I’ll even pack a few extra and send them home with my guests. Make sure to pick-up a loaf of gourmet bread during your holiday shopping so you’re planning ahead for those Thanksgiving leftovers!

I like to add mayo, cranberry sauce, a spot of gravy, leaf lettuce and a slice of tomato. Get fancy and add red onion rings, avocado and swiss cheese. Pair with some crunchy chips for an easy lunch idea. Check out this sandwich above and more ideas over at Martha Stewart.


Turkey Pot Pie

I bought a smoked turkey this year and turned Thanksgiving leftovers into this glorious Turkey Pot Pie from the Pioneer Woman. Just pick up a frozen double pie crust and add whatever leftover vegetables you’d like. Since I was getting a bit tired of turkey leftovers, I made two pies and put them directly into my freezer. You can cook from frozen when you’re ready to eat these pies!


Beef Shepherd’s Pie

We made a double-batch of mashed potatoes this year and used the extra to make this Beef Shepherd’s Pie recipe from Rachael Ray. It was nice to take a break from turkey and enjoy another comfort food favorite without having to make mashed potatoes again.

turkey waffles

Herbed Turkey + Waffles

This is definitely one of the most inventive of all the Thanksgiving leftovers I’ve looked at. Whip up a batch of waffles and enjoy this Herbed Turkey + Waffles recipe from Better Homes and Gardens.


Turkey Tetrazzini

A big pasta dish is a great way to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers and turkey. This Easy Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini from Platings & Pairings is a snap to make with a creamy sauce and peas. Just add a salad to make it an easy weeknight meal.


What do you like to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers? Any recipes that you love to make every year?