Treetop Trekking Adventure in Oregon

treetop trekking portland oregon

I have ALWAYS wanted to go treetop trekking!

So when I came across a photo on Pinterest of Tree to Tree Adventure Park, I bookmarked it right away and made plans to head out to Gaston, Oregon (about an hour from Portland) to check out their super cool treetop trekking aerial course.

What is it?

It’s basically a set of fun obstacles set high-up in the trees where you complete each course as it gets higher, wobblier and more challenging! It’s also a great weekend workout and a fun excuse to get outside and into the trees (quite literally).

tree 2 tree adventure park

The Welcome Centre

Your first stop at Tree to Tree Adventure Park is actually the Welcome Centre, where you get signed in and pay for your adventure. There are a bank of clean porta-potties nearby and a spigot where you can wash your hands and fill-up your water bottle before your treetop trekking adventure.

Even though you’re mostly shaded, make sure to put on lots of sunscreen, take water breaks and rest between courses. You’ll get worn out easily on a hot day. There are snacks, ice cream and even a hot dog stand on site if you want to grab a bite between courses.

tree to tree adventure

Getting Started

After getting signed-in, we were directed to a group orientation where we got oufitted with our harness and show how to use the tweezle system, ropes and giant carabiners that keep you hooked in.

Cell service is sparse on AT&T and non-existent on T-Mobile. There’s also no public WiFi on-site and if you want to bring your phone to take pictures or videos, make sure you find a way to keep your phone strapped on you.

I bought this phone lanyard off Amazon that I put around my neck and bungee’d around my iPhone so I didn’t drop it while high up in the trees. I definitely recommend it.

gaston oregon treetop trekkingThe Training Course

You’ll be given a chance to practice your tree trekking skills on a low to the ground training course where you get the hang of using the hooks and tweezles. After that you’ll be let loose to do your own thing with guides hanging around to help or answer any questions.

We started on a green level course and then progressed to blue, purple, red, and black. Each color level gets higher off the ground and more wobbly as the aerial obstacles get trickier. But you’re definitely rewarded with lots of zip lines in-between!

zipline portland oregon

The Aerial Obstacle Course

I am all hooked into the red cable (above) that runs all over the course. I have a harness on to keep me safe and I have a tool that hooks me onto the ziplines found throughout all the courses.

Treetop trekking definitey works your core and arm muscles. It also challenges your mind as you fight to keep your balance and figure your way across what is sometimes a tightrope! Don’t worry, you’re strapped in the whole time and you can’t fall very far thanks to your harness.

tightrope walking

Paul and I had a ton of fun at Tree to Tree Adventure Park. I think it would be an awesome date idea or something active to do with all your girlfriends. I could definitely see how this could be a popular team builing activity as well.

In terms of heights, I wasn’t too afraid of them because I was strapped in – however it was being wobbly and feeling like I was going to lose my balance and fall that felt scary to me as the courses got progressively harder.

treetop adventure portland oregon

Luckily, the courses don’t bleed into one another and you have plenty of time to take breaks, drink water and get yourself all hyped to hit the next course. They get gradually higher, which is perfect if you’re working your way up to face the really high heights!

Okay, I chickened out before the red and black course and took lots of pictures of Paul doing both. Now I sort of regret not doing the red course because it looked like it was packed full of fun zips!

black course

The black course however was HIGH and it looked pretty tough. I think I could’ve done it if I psyched myself up – but it was pretty awesome and all the courses are really well-designed.

tree to tree park gaston oregon

Getting higher up!


zipline course oregon treetop trek

Overall we had an awesome time at Tree to Tree Adventure Park and we are so lucky that something so unique exists just an hour from where we live in Portland, Oregon. The whole thing took us about 2 hours, but they give you 3 hours of time to play around in the trees.

If you’re ever visiting – do take advantage of this and challenge yourself to do a crazy obstacle course in the trees! They also offer zipline-only courses and kid-friendly activities as well. It honestly was one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time!

To learn more, visit Tree to Tree Adventure Park online.