Travel Guide: Quebec City, Canada


By: Lisa Ng

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I flew back to Toronto last month to attend Paul’s cousin’s wedding in Kingston. They had this amazing pie instead of a wedding cake and we cruised into the sunset through the 1000 Islands.

But before the festivities, I booked a trip to Quebec City with my sister Amy and spent a fun week eating and exploring our way through La Belle Province and even stopped at this unique spa on a boat on our way home. Quebec City is currently ranked the no. 1 destination in Canada by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine and the walled city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure. Here are a few of our travel tips for Quebec City:


Getting There – From Toronto there are direct flights on Porter and Air Canada. Otherwise, you can connect from any other city via Montreal. Honda Canada was nice enough to lend us a brand new Honda CRV, so we chose to make a sisters road trip out of it. We left at around 10 AM after the traffic died down and the drive takes about 9 hours. We took our time, made lots of stops along the way including:


A visit to The Big Apple in Cobourg


Where to Stay – We stayed at two very different properties and I would recommend them both depending on what you are looking for. Hotel 71 is a hip boutique hotel that reminds me of a Kimpton. The rooms feel like a chic apartment loft and there’s a decent Italian restaurant, complimentary bike rentals and all the Nespresso you can drink in their cozy coffee lounge.


The Hilton Quebec is a larger conference-type hotel with over 500+ rooms and more competitive pricing as a result. There is a heated year-round swimming pool, fitness facilities, business centre and a fantastic view at the top of Old Quebec.


Where to Eat – If you’re looking for a fancy blowout French-inspired dinner, look no further than Panache Restaurant inside the Auberge Saint-Antoine. Book the elaborate and epic tasting menu and you will not be disappointed.


If you have a craving for a crepes or just a nice, light and healthy lunch – check out Le Casse-Crepe Breton in Old Quebec. Their salad dressing is killer and a secret recipe.


For a lovely lunch or brunch option, try Le Petit Cochon Dingue where Amy and I feasted on a decadent Lobster Salad and Shrimp Roll.


Shrimp Roll from Le Petit Cochon Dingue


Eat a Poutine – If you’ve haven’t had a poutine before, I personally think that Chez Ashton’s makes a pretty decent fast food poutine. I opted for the hot dog option (which I paid for later), but you can be a purist and just go straight up poutine.


See the Chateau Frontenac – they recently completed a $75 million+ renovation of this old historic hotel. It’s definitely worth a walk through. After you’re done, take a ride down the Funicular and walk the shops in Petit Champlain.


Putting the FUN in Funicular!


Where to Shop – Whenever I venture into Quebec I shop at Simons. It’s like a French H&M with great prices and ultra on-trend pieces. They have a fantastic swimwear selection and a house label called Twik for all your basic tees and tanks. Otherwise, a stroll through the streets of Old Quebec will reveal all sorts of lovely boutiques and artisan shops. If you have access to car, drive out to a shopping mall like Laurier Quebec and Place Ste. Foy for your favourite Canadian brands.


Visit The Quebec Aquarium – The Aquarium du Quebec was even better than I could have imagined. It was part indoor aquarium, but also set up like an outdoor zoo with polar bears, walruses and seals.


You’ll be amazed at all the wildlife here and it’s nice to take a sightseeing break and relax here.


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  • James Cummings

    I like fougasse personally

  • SandyT

    I love Coq Au Vin!! 🙂

  • Marisa Talarico

    Hands down, the best French comfort food is a big warm dish of Ratatouille, fresh out of the oven!

  • Jeannie

    Oh boy! I think my favourite french dish would have to be Moules Marinières

  • AwesomeJennJenn

    My favourite dish is, obviously, the poutine! Love those squeaky cheese curds!

  • Em Vee

    creme brulee or crepe but then again i like beef bourguignon
    whoops can’t pick one

  • L. Lum

    Foie gras!

  • Bev

    Hi Lisa! I enjoyed your post. I would love to visit Chateau Frontenac someday. My favorite french dish is ragoût de pattes de porc (Pig’s trotter stew). Yum!

  • Doris Qamar

    Hi Lisa, I visited Quebec city for the first time last October/November and I loved it! I will keep your post for my next visit, since I did not see all the places you mentioned.
    My favorite french dish is poisson meunière, a la Julia Child.

  • ek03yr

    I don’t know how “French” it is but I quite enjoy French onion soup!

  • Bree

    A couple of my favorite french dishes are ratatouille and crepes!

  • Croissants! Especially with chocolat!

  • Rebecca Yap

    Brioche and creme brulee, hands down favourite!

  • lori b

    ooh does, Poutine count? 🙂

  • ginette4

    I’m a subscriber;
    anger_family @yahoo dot com
    My favourite french dish; well I have a few; crepes and tourtiere!

  • kunaalj

    Croissants keep me going.

  • Lauren Clift

    Poutine and Crepes are classics, so simple but so delicious! I am also a big fan of smoked meat sandwiches from Montreal, just typing about them makes my mouth water 😉

  • Chantel Taylor

    Ooh éclairs or madelalines

  • Cindy Babcock

    I love quiche! My husbands favorite French Canadian dish is tortiere, and he has fond memories of drinking hot chocolate every morning in France.

  • Gilbert Marcoux

    My favorite French dish is Aligot. If you don’t know what it is look it up and if you’ve never tried it, make some. It’s amazing!

  • Lindsay O

    My favourite french dish is creme brûlée. Yum.

  • Alice H.

    Crepes! Sweet or savoury…love them all! Completed both steps. Thanks for the contest!

  • Jeggstar

    French… FRIES!

  • macaroons! They’re a nice treat

  • mary

    Eclairs. Mmmmmmmm

  • disqus_WzBYkUHjuT

    poutine and montreal deli sandwiches

  • Moongazing

    My favourite french dish is Tourtiere pie.

  • Cory

    My favorite French dish is quiche. 🙂

  • Courtney

    Poutine or montreal smoked meat sandwiches!

  • Cory Silver

    Does poutine count as a French dish? 🙂 But having a nice savoury crepe is also my favourite.

  • Tyler Anthony

    Do Macarons count as a dish? They sure all yummy.

  • Tom

    Ratatouille is one of my favourite all time French dishes!

  • Kate P.

    I know it’s just bread but a good crisp baguette is so lovely. Especially warm from the oven and it tastes just like butter!

  • Darwin

    Duck a l’orange!

  • jessica chan

    Montreal smoked meat sandwich is amazing!

  • teeslee

    My favourite is quiche and Montreal smoked meat sandwich.

  • Radhika K


  • Mmm…good brie and crusty bread…amazing!

  • Bouillabaisse with macarons for dessert!!

  • Chris Kraemer


  • Would poutine really count as a French dish because it IS my favourite? Otherwise, macaroons!

  • Vickie Taplin

    I’m with Kraemer – POUTINE!!!!

  • Sandra Huh

    This was awesome since we are about to travel there for Canada Day week 🙂

    I love love love Salad Niçoise and can’t beat a really well made Quiche Lorraine!

  • catdfraser

    Beignets! at Cafe Du Monde

  • Clare

    Crepes are my fave!

  • Renee76

    I have recently fallen for brioche. I want to put everything on toasted brioche.

  • I adore a good Tortiere.

  • Sophia

    I can never say no to a good bowl of moules marinières!

  • debbie p

    Mine is poutine just love it.

  • Brenda Penton

    My favourite is Cassoulet

  • Oaks

    Poutine…every day all day haha

  • Victoria Ess

    My favourite French dish is Crepes.

  • flowerchild23


    My favorite is poutine.

  • Russell Porter

    Poutine. Love that Stuff. 🙂

  • KristenLyndsey

    Favourite french food has to be quiche!

  • Michelle B

    I already subscribe to your weekly newsletter. My favorite French food is Poutine!

  • Leah Leitch

    Lovely site, will be exploring more for sure! My favorite french food is tourtiere! Very French, non?

  • stacey dempsey

    I was already susbscribed but I just resubscribed as you are changing your platform . My favorite French food is Grand-Pères (maple syrup dumplings ) so yummy

    • Lisa Ng

      Congratulations on being our winner Stacey! Please email me in the next 72 hours with your Canadian shipping address to claim your prize!

    • Congrats on being our winner Stacey! Please email me your Canadian mailing address within 72 hours to claim your prize: Thanks!

      • stacey dempsey

        OMG thank you so much I am emailing you now

  • Tricia Cooper

    I just reconfirmed my subscription to your Newsletter.

    My favourite French dish is Tourtière.

  • Mark Gordon Brown

    Crème brûlée

  • Josh

    poutine is my favourite french dish.

  • christina07

    my favorite French dish is ratatouille

  • Car Allen

    ahhhh….poutine!!! Love it!

  • Theresa M

    My favorite French dish is Poutine.

  • bluebird

    I have to say that poutine is my favorite. It’s très delicious.

  • Rebby Roberts

    I absolutely love a delish croissant with butter! I subscribe 🙂
    rebthecatsitter at gmail dot com