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bachelorette party ideas toronto

Updated January 2017

Have you be put in charge of planning the ultimate bachelorette party?

Never fear! I am here to help you. We are in full-on wedding planning time and with that comes bachelorette party season! I thought I would start off with updating a guide I had written with my top 10 bachelorette party ideas for my hometown of Toronto:

thompson hotel toronto pool

1) Book a Hotel Suite with a Pool – Check-in time is usually 3 PM, means you’ll have an easy meeting place in downtown Toronto for everyone to converge at. Being central will save you on ubers and you don’t want to be booking it 30 minutes outside of the city at 2 AM in the morning. Show up early and spend some time lounging poolside and catching up with the girls. Everyone can get ready together and you can host a pre-drink party and Instagram your heart out before dinner. Toronto hotels with a pool and a central location include:

If it’s winter I suggest a hotel with an indoor pool like the Four Seasons Toronto (read my reviews) or Shangri-La Toronto. Both are super nice with top rates spas in each hotel.

Don’t forget to check airbnb to see if you can get a unique rental in the city for all of you!


blowfish on king

2) Reserve a Swanky Dinner

Pick a fun restaurant that can accommodate a bachelorette group and make sure to call and reserve ahead of time. Check out a few of these fun restaurants with a party ambiance near the Entertainment District:

  • Fonda Lola – Mexican food + margaritas! Who could ask for anything more?
  • Luckee Restaurant – Dim sum for dinner + Chinese cuisine
  • Terroni’s on Adelaide – Inside an old courthouse, great vibe. Pizzas + pasta
  • Cafe Boulud – Fine dining by Daniel Boulud at Four Seasons Toronto
  • Momofuku Daisho – Book the group fried chicken or brisket dinner
  • Drake 150 – Comfort food faves go modern
  • Byblos – For Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Wvrst – A casual beer hall + sausages joint
  • Blowfish on King – Delicious sushi + Japanese food with a lounge ambiance (above)
  • The Sultan’s Tent – Prix fixe Moroccan food with belly dancers on the weekend!



3) Club It Out

Get your dance on at one of these Toronto nightclubs:

  • Top 40 – Pravda Vodka Bar, CUBE, Bloke & 4th, Muzik, Uniun, The Fifth, 2Cats
  • Salsa Bar – Lula Lounge, Babaluu’s
  • Gay/Drag Bar – Buddies in Bad Times, El Convento Rico

Get bottle service. I have been to parties with huge groups that don’t book it and it’s a GONG show. Avoid the line-up hassle when travelling with 20 girls, it will guarantee you line bypass and usually takes care of your cover fee. Nothing kills your pre-party bachelorette buzz than lining up for an hour after dinner in heels!

Once you split the cost between everyone, it works out to about the same. Your booth makes for an easy meeting place and gives everyone a place to drop their stuff. Figuring it out when you get there – not so good of an idea.

drake one fifty toronto

4) Eat A Greasy Hangover Brunch

The best way to nurse a bachelorette hangover is with lots of greasy food and a couple of mimosas. Just make sure you book ahead or you go really early or really late to get a table. A few unique Toronto brunch spots that I like that can accommodate a big bachelorette group include:

  • Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – Get your Benedict on!
  • Colette Grand Cafe – A gorgeous room right in the heart of downtown
  • La Societe – French menu in Yorkville
  • Cafe Belong – It’s a bit of a hike, but it’s very peaceful and chilled out
  • Frank Restaurant – Inside the Art Gallery of Ontario, fancy brunch classics
  • Pearl Harbourfront – Dim Sum with a view of the lake
  • Barque – BBQ Brunch!
  • Marche Restaurant – Tons of seating, market/food stations setting



5) Hit the Spa!

After brunch, you won’t want to move. Book some rest and relaxation time with the bachelorette party at a full-service spa or at a mani/pedi bar.

  • Body Blitz – Full water circuit with steam, sauna and different hot and cold pools
  • Four Seasons Spa – All the luxury you can imagine, plus an indoor pool
  • Shizen Spa – Book it out for 2 hours for your whole group and get your zen on in their spacious lounge
  • Ritz Carlton Toronto Spa – A large and bright lounge that can fit a group
  • Hammam Spa – Turkish steam room with massage therapy, quiet space
  • Lux Spa – Mani/pedi bar in Yorkville that you can also book out
  • Elmwood Spa – Full-service day spa
  • Miraj Caudalie Spa – Luxurious Hammam spa inside the Shangri-La Hotel
  • Her Majesty’s Pleasure – Gorgeous space that takes reservations for groups with a full bar



6) Go For Afternoon Tea – Maybe you’re not looking for a whole weekend of crazy. Book an elegant afternoon tea instead with your closest family and friends. Here’s a post I wrote on The Best Afternoon Tea in Toronto. It’s perfect for pairing up with a mani/pedi spa day with the girls.


7) See a Show! – Break up the night a bit and catch the mainstage show at Second City Toronto. At any given time, there are a ton of mega musicals that make tour stops in Toronto. To see what’s in town check out Mirvish Productions.


8) Do a Fun Activity – Ok, maybe you don’t want to do the typical drink your face off and party at a club thing. I totally get it. Here are a few more unique bachelorette party ideas for Toronto:

  • Go Bowling at The Ballroom Bowl
  • Ping-Pong Party at Spin Lounge
  • Cupcake Decorating Class at Le Dolci
  • Take a Burlesque Dance Class at Flirty Girl Fitness
  • Hire a Personal Chef to cook you dinner and give a group cooking lesson at your house or someone else’s fancy house
  • Go Axe throwing – I’m not joking, it’s a for real thing and we blogged about it.
  • See a Baseball or Basketball Game in a private suite
  • Take a Brewery Tour at Steam Whistle Brewing



9) Just Drinks – Looking for a place to do just drinks before heading out for the night? I love any of these Toronto bars and I think they would suit a bachelorette atmosphere that you’re going for:

  • Drake Hotel – Drinks on their Sky Yard patio
  • Bar Chef – Fancy drinks at a fancy cocktail bar
  • Reposado – So. Much. Tequila. Order a flight on their back patio
  • The One-Eighty – If you’re from out of town, this lounge on the 51st floor is breathtaking
  • Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon – There’s a mechanical bull. ’nuff said.
  • The Shameful Tiki – Tiki bar in Parkdale



Coal Miner’s Daughter on Queen West. Photo by: Kate Palbom

10) Shopping Therapy – When you just can’t party no more, take some time to explore some of the adorable shops and boutiques in Toronto. The best areas for shopping small and local for me include:

  • Queen West (between Spadina & Dufferin)
  • The Danforth (between Broadview and Pape)
  • Kensington Market
  • St. Lawrence Market (mainly food and take-out)
  • Bloor Street (between Yonge and Avenue)
  • The Annex (Bloor St. – between Spadina and Bathurst)


So there you have it! I want to hear your bachelorette party ideas for Toronto! Please share your gems in the comments section….


Bachelorette Standard-Miami-Lido-Bayside-Restaurant

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  • LC

    Eehhh no how to order a stripper?

    • HA! If you have a good non-sketchy referral – I’m sure some of our readers will appreciate it 🙂

  • I’ve never stayed at Be650 but it looks very cute! Since you’re staying near Elmwood Spa, Bangkok Garden is very pretty Thai restaurant that can accomodate groups. Also the Queen & Beaver is a great pub to start off the night at. Have fun!

  • you totally covered EVERY thing. I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life and I can’t think of a thing you missed, except maybe indoor trampolining or pottery making classes, haha. Thanks for the post, this really helps plan my BFF’s bachelorette 🙂

    • Oooohhh where do you go for pottery making classes in Toronto? So glad you found this list helpful – good luck with the bachelorette!

  • Holly Karout

    These all look like awesome ideas and thank you for the research, do you have any ideas for bridesmaids on a budget?

    • You could rent a cottage or book a camping trip together. If you’re on a really tight budget, keep it all from one day activity into a night activity instead of a whole weekend. Good luck!

  • Erika MacKay

    Any suggestions for places to stay that will accommodate large groups? I think my group is going to be around 12 people. The hotels don’t seem to like renting even suites out to more than 3 people.

    • You might have to go with an AirBnb or book adjoining rooms if you can! Did you check penthouse hotel suites?

  • Roberto Melendez

    i never visited toronto but we are making plan for visiting toronto i like to visit those place you prefer here with my gf.

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  • Adavia

    hey im planning a party in toronto all girls and its about 11 of us, which place or hotel would you recommend? Im nervous about renting a vacation rental because i find it a little weird that they stay with you in the house (the ones that i’ve seen so far). Please help. I need a location its suppose to be in june