This Beautiful Life: Richard Fabregui + Marc Piercey


One of my favourite moments with Richard Fabregui & Marc Piercey was when they hosted the most over-the-top bachelorette party for our friend Nelia of Style Blog. They went 150% with themed games, favours and food that it’s not difficult to see why they are so successful in the work life as well. Richard and Marc run the popular style blog, Toronto Is Fashion and I’m thrilled to feature them in my latest This Beautiful Life column:


How did you become so passionate about fashion + style?

We’ve both worked in fashion retail for a number of years and loved seeing the changing trends each season. We’re interested in clothing and how it can drastically change how a person looks and feels. Marc has worked as a stylist for television and movies and Richard has always had an eye for putting together standout fashion pieces.


Richard-Farbregui-Toronto Marc Piercey

Richard Fabregui & Marc Piercey

How did you end up starting your blog, Toronto is Fashion?

Richard has been reading fashion blogs from Europe and Japan, and noticed there were not many blogs speaking to a Canadian audience. Marc was a video blogger since Youtube’s conception offering style advice, and eventually became one of the most watched web series. When we both met in 2009 we decided to pursue a blog together on things that interest us and to support the Canadian fashion scene. We both worked in the fashion industry but it didn’t allow us to express out love of fashion, and a blog was the perfect avenue to express our creativity.


Do you run the blog full-time? If not, what are the other projects do you have going on right now?

We run Toronto Is Fashion in our spare time, although it can sometimes feel like a full time job! We both have day jobs as well. Richard works as an IT specialist at a domain management company and Marc has been a manager with Forever 21 for a few years now.


What’s a typical day for you like?

Any given day can present new opportunities and challenges. We normally start by replying to emails and RSVP’ing for the events that we can make it to. Scheduling some down time between work, parties and writing for the blog can be stressful at times, but because we are doing this together we know we always have one another for support. Since our readership has expanded we had to grow our team as well. We currently have two photographers from Style Impression Photography that shoot events and previews plus a couple of writers that contribute articles to the site.



Richard Fabregui & Marc Piercey at an event in Toronto

What are some amazing things you have experienced as a result of your blog?

During our three years working on Toronto Is Fashion, we’ve had a lot of perks along the way. Recently Marc took his first ever plane ride while we were guests of the Cancun Tourism Board. This past September we were taken on an amazing press trip through Europe on behalf of some amazing sponsors we worked with. These trips would have to be our biggest highlights and created memories we will never forget. Aside from trips and free clothing, we are always happy to hear from our readers! We have received emails from Toronto to as far as Hong Kong from people who read our blog and that is always a humbling experience.


What are your top 3 fashion + style tips?

These three style tips are our golden rules whether dressing for a man or woman:

1) Originality – Be true to yourself and as unique as you are. Never let anyone tell you how to be you when it comes to your outfit.

2) A great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.

3) A few accessories are almost always needed to give your outfit some life.



What is the single most important non-negotiable thing for you when designing your lifestyle and career?

We always make sure we are having fun and are really passionate about any decision we decide to make. Since we are in a relationship as well as working together, we always want our blogging experiences to be fun and exciting. We both have different tastes and opinions, from fashion to politics, and we love these differences about each other.


What do you do to de-stress?

We both do things together to help each other de-stress, such as going to the gym or winding down on the couch and talking. Richard loves to settle down with a good book and Marc loves to stay active with our Bengal cat. We always make sure to un-plug from our phones, TV and laptops on a daily basis to help us find a good balance in life.


Best piece of life advice to share?

Always follow your passions, even if people tell you that you shouldn’t. Don’t chase after money. If you’re passionate about what you do, and pour your heart and soul into it, the rewards will come in time.


To learn more about Richard Fabregui + Marc Piercey, visit them online at Toronto is Fashion.