This Beautiful Life: Casie Stewart

October 9, 2013


When I first met Casie Stewart I immediately noticed an undeniable energy about her.

She is incredibly approachable, outgoing  with a bright and positive personality. Casie is destroying it on the interwebz right now with her personal blog, Casie Stewart: This Is My Life. With over 22,000+ twitter followers and multiple brand ambassadorships – this girl knows her way around blogging and social media having launched her site in 2005.

Her internet savvy has landed her a top job as Director of Social Media at a Toronto-based agency and brand ambassadorships with Canon, Pepsi, Ted Baker and HTC – to name a few. I had the chance to catch up with Casie during our trip together to Disneyland and asked her a few questions for my blog:


Why did you start your blog, Casie Stewart?

I started Casie Stewart: THIS IS MY LIFE as a way to keep more memories. It began as a way to document people, places things, and thoughts. When I discovered in 2005 I was so happy to have a free outlet for my creativity. I’ve always loved publishing, photography, and writing so that combined with my (at the time) bad memory inspired me to start a blog. (Blogging has improved my memory heaps, especially now that I can Google my life if I forget something!)



What’s a typical day for Casie Stewart like?

Busy! If I haven’t written a blog post for the night before, I post something fun from my phone using WordPress mobile for Android or write a post on my lunch break. If I don’t have an event after work, I head home to relax but that rarely happens! After work I often attend press previews, media events, or fashion shows.


How would you describe your style?

Free-spirited with a splash of vintage. I love wearing bright colours, I intentionally buy things that are a little on the wild side. I like to stand out. My personality comes through in everything I do. I have a vast collection of vintage items in my wardrobe and a half sleeve of vintage inspired tattoos.



Tell us about a few of the cool things you’ve experienced as a result of your blog!


New Zealand Fashion Week – In 2010 I was invited to attend New Zealand Fashion Week as an International VIP Guest. NZFW there is pretty big with a massive Australian and European influence, it brings people from all over the world. After my first class flight I exited the arrivals area to see a driver was holding a sign with my name. I spent a week sitting front row at shows, receiving gifts from designers, and I had an assistant and driver the whole time. My family is from New Zealand so NZFW extended my trip by a week so I could hang out in Auckland with my relatives. It was an amazing experience!


Virgin America & Meeting Richard Branson – I was in a massive contest run by Richard Branson when Virgin America arrived in Toronto. I entered the YouTube contest and made it to the final round. I ended up winning and became and ambassador for the airline as the Virgin America Provocateur. I flew back and forth a bunch of times from Toronto to LA and SF. We launched service in Dallas and I was on a media flight with a bunch of A-List celebrities and Virgin partners. I met Richard Branson, LMFAO, Willie Nelson, and some girls from The Hills that night.


Disneyland Vacay – This summer I went to Disneyland in California with a group of bloggers, my boyfriend, and my best friends (and you!). We stayed in the Disneyland Resort, had some great food, special fireworks viewing, and skipped the lines for rides. We got to experience LA and the OC with shopping trips, an art adventure, concert at the Hollywood Bowl, and a beachside bonfire. We rented a convertible and drive the Pacific Coast Highway too. It was an awesome vacation!



Your site has a HUGE audience! How do you deal with trolls and negative people?

I’ve had some haters and stalkers over the years. Now, I don’t let anyone break me down or get me upset. If someone on the Internet says I am stupid or ugly I just think, you’re anonymous buddy! I spread to much positivity into the world that I think I’ve built up a force field and it’s really hard to break through.


What was the single most important non-negotiable thing for you when designing your lifestyle and career?

I used to say “I’m Casie Stewart, I do what I want” and my mum laughs whenever I bring it up because I was really young when I said it first. I have carefully crafted a unique career built on my own interests, lifestyle, and creativity. When I started blogging, social media wasn’t a thing but I loved it and stuck at my passion. I have always followed my dreams and never compromised my own happiness for money or a job.

Photo by: Matt Shore
Photo by: Matt Shore

What do you do to de-stress?

I love yoga, watching movies (Netflix!) and spending time at the cottage in Muskoka. It may sound funny but blogging is quite de-stressing for me when I just cruise the internet and share things I love.

Best piece of life advice to share?

Find what you love and become really, really good at it.

Also, Mum told me when I was a kid “Just because you don’t have money, doesn’t mean you can’t compete, you just have to be more creative” That advice has played a big part in my life.


To learn more: visit Casie Stewart: THIS IS MY LIFE online.




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