Have You Had ‘The Talk’?

The Talk

A sponsored post.

My parents came to visit me last month and they are both well into their 60s. I often worry about their health as they are getting older and the risk of a heart attack is always in the back of my mind.

So I’m helping spread the word about The Talk. Let your parents or loved ones know that in the event of a heart attack, call 911, then crush or chew two ASPIRIN 81mg, it could save their life. It would be worthwhile to have ASPIRIN 81mg on hand in the case of an emergency. I know The Talk is an awkward one to have, but just sharing this precaution could be life saving.


One heart attack occurs every seven minutes in Canada with 70,000 heart attacks annually. ASPIRIN 81mg is approved in Canada for emergency use, however this information could be more widespread for those at risk.

A recent survey by Vision Critical found that while 75 per cent of Canadians feel they know the signs of a heart attack, only 10 per cent of those were able to correctly identify the correct symptoms.

Let your loved ones know the key signs of a heart attack:

  • chest discomfort
  • upper body discomfort (including discomfort in the arms, jaw, neck and back)
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating and nausea
  • light-headedness


To learn more visit: www.aspirin.ca