The New Blitz Facial Bar Opens in Toronto


photo by Jenna Wakani

By: Shelby Morrison

Blitz Facial Bar has opened in Toronto!

A day at the spa is any woman’s dream. Relaxing all day in the most serene environment is a wonderful treat. However, we may not have time for such an elaborate experience. Sometimes, it is nice to be pampered even if you don’t have a ton of time and money to spare.


photo by Jenna Wakani

Blitz Facial Bar, from the owners of Body Blitz, have recently opened two locations in Toronto, 1133 Queen Street East (Leslieville) and 803 Queen Street West (Trinity Bellwoods). The concept features express facials, without sacrificing quality. Don’t expect your typical spa with private rooms, robes and Jacuzzis, but do still expect a relaxing, high-quality experience.

Each facial is 30 minutes (with the exception of one), plus the option to customize with add-on boosters for $10. It is the perfect chance to keep your skin looking radiant without spending hours in a spa and emptying your wallet. Blitz Facial Bar also offers a treatment for men, since we all know men can enjoy a little pampering now and then!


photo by Jenna Wakani

The clean, white space is open concept, with rows of facial stations consisting of a reclining chair, as well as the materials and products needed for your treatment. Blitz Facial Bar uses their own natural, in-house product line consisting of ingredients from the earth and sea, and contains various botanicals, which help to cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin.


My treatment was titled “Blitz and Glow”, which is perfect for special occasions or monthly maintenance. It began with a very friendly registered esthetician laying me down on the comfortable chair, while applying a cleansing gel in circular motions. After it was rinsed off with a warm cloth, she used a balancing toner to remove any remaining dirt, oil and makeup.

Following the toner was a relaxing facial massage using Argan oil. The massage felt incredible and really allowed me to relax. After a few minutes of the massage, a clay mask was applied to my face and left on for about 5 minutes, while I received an arm massage, which was a lovely touch.


To remove the clay mask, a warm, wet cloth was applied to my face, which as you can imagine, was very comforting and pleasant. Once the mask was removed, a hydrating moisturizer was applied with a final face and neck massage, and then SPF to finish.

I felt truly rejuvenated, clean and refreshed once my facial was complete. I left with no redness, and refrained from putting makeup on, so that I could enjoy my fresh face.


I would definitely recommend Blitz Facial Bar to anyone looking for something quick, yet effective. The express facial concept allows for on-the-go women and men to incorporate facial treatments into their regular beauty routine.

To see a complete list of services, visit Blitz Facial Bar.