Food Diary: Taste of Toronto Food Festival 2015


By: Shelby Morrison

Taste of Toronto is like having the city’s hottest restaurants at your fingertips. You don’t have to pick just one favourite spot – you can try them ALL at this gourmet food festival at Fort York. I attended this event earlier this month + thought I would share my food diary and review with you:

photo by George Pimental

photo by George Pimental

Each restaurant is given their own booth, where they feature 3-4 small dishes. Additionally, there are over 70+ vendors at Taste of Toronto – offering samples of fresh pressed juice, spreads, chocolate, protein bars, cookies, and pretty much everything imaginable. I realized quite quickly that your could very easily fill up on samples!

photo by George Pimental

photo by George Pimental

I was also pleasantly surprised to see Chef Morimoto (who is opening a restaurant in Toronto next year) break down an entire 130-pound tuna on stage, while letting us in on some sushi tips and tricks.

It was quite overwhelming to decide on what to eat, but after scoping out the entire scene, I was able to make some pretty tasty decisions. Taste of Toronto uses a token currency called crowns that are equal to one dollar and loaded onto a card – making payment at each restaurant a breeze.


I started my own personal Taste of Toronto food tour at Weslodge, which was serving Fried Chicken with Five-Day Slaw served with house jalapeno hot sauce and a homemade biscuit. The chicken was extremely crispy on the outside, moist on the inside and perfectly seasoned. The tangy slaw with the buttery biscuit balanced out the richness of the chicken very well.


One of my favourite Burgers in the city is from Richmond Station, so I couldn’t resist indulging. Luckily you could purchase just a half, which was just enough to enjoy while saving room for more Taste of Toronto dishes.


R&D is rather new to Toronto, so it was a great opportunity to give it a try. I chose the Lobster Chow Mein with wok fried lobster and chitarra noodles, which is a thicker type of egg noodle. This dish was not mind-blowing, but it was still enjoyable with a lovely ginger flavour.


Although I was starting to get full, I couldn’t resist Harbord Room’s Cheesy Slow-cooked Lobster Grits, with white shrimp & andouille sausage soffrito, basil & crispy onions. The grits were smooth and creamy, the shrimp was cooked perfectly and the dish was fragrant and flavourful.

Between the plethora of samples and small dishes, I was pretty satisfied. It was a beautiful evening to be outdoors, indulging in some of the city’s best food. I look forward to next year’s Taste of Toronto event.

— Shelby Morrison