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Travel Guide: Park City, Utah


The Town Lift takes you from Main Street right on to the ski hill

I am married to a man who loves to snowboard.

After spending years as a snow bunny on the sidelines, I finally took up skiing last year and fell in love with the sport. So when a blogging conference came up in Salt Lake City last month, Paul did not hesitate to join once he discovered that he could go snowboarding every day while I was at my conference. Once I wrapped up my work, I took a couple days off and made it into a vacation and off we went to neighbouring Park City for a winter ski and snowboard getaway!


Getting There – Shuttles from Salt Lake City run around $35 each way per person. We opted to rent an SUV from the airport for around $70/day so we could come and go on our own schedule. Since we were not staying at the base of the ski hill and wanted to explore on our own – this was a good option. The drive from Salt Lake City Airport to Park City takes about 45 minutes and you’ll be hitting the slopes in no time. I flew direct from Los Angeles for about $200 round-trip and takes about 90 minutes. (more…)

What to Eat When You’re Sick

Chicken-Noodle-SoupPhoto Credit – Parade Magazine


By: April + Michelle of GetRealGurls Nutrition


It’s that crazy time of year where EVERYONE is sick or getting sick. When you’re not feeling your 100% fab self, it can be hard to eat right. Luckily for us, there are a few foods that can actually help you feel better sooner and make sure your recovery doesn’t take much longer than necessary. Here’s what you can eat when you’re sick.


1. Popsicles – Can’t imagine the idea of solid food? Try the cooling sensation of popsicles to get you some fluid, taste and as a bonus, some cheerful colours for when you’re sick. Compare labels when you go to the store and shun the ones with a whack of sugar. Pick a variety made with some actual fruit.


2. Vegetable Juice – For a boost of antioxidants, hydration and some sodium (which can be a good thing when you’re visiting the bathroom often), grab a glass of vegetable juice. Lower sodium varieties (350mg of sodium per cup), that still taste decent like the one from Compliments by Sobeys, will do just fine. (more…)