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Spa Life: Le Scandinave Spa – Collingwood


Looking for an easy weekend getaway out of Toronto to recharge?

I finally got back to Le Scandinave Spa in Collingwood, Ontario this past weekend and it is still the perfect spa oasis getaway. Located only two hours from downtown, Toronto I usually like to take a Friday off, leave in the morning to avoid traffic on the 400, grab a quick lunch on the way there and be at the spa by 1 PM. (more…)

72 Hours in Charleston, South Carolina



I’m so pleased to have Ashley Rogers – a Charleston local, give you an inside look on the best things to eat, see and do during the weekend in her city. Enjoy!


By: Ashley Rogers

In recent years, Charleston has topped the charts for travel and entertainment.

The city has been hailed for everything from its food to its friendliness. When I read the articles that top the travel magazines though – I often wish they had an ‘insiders’ section that allows locals to submit their favorite hot spots. Living here over 21 years, I have come to love some of the lesser-published gems that line this beautiful (and popular) city. Here are my favourite local Charleston spots!


The Shelter, Charleston

The Shelter, Charleston


Charleston locals seem to stick to a pretty structured weekend schedule in order to maximize everything we have grown to love about this city – this, of course, starts with the obligatory Friday happy hour. Friday needs to be relatively tame because Charlestonians live for Saturdays on the water. While reveled for its historic downtown area, most locals avoid it on Fridays because of traffic and overall lack of parking, so Mt. Pleasant offers some of the best Friday happy hour spots in town.

The Shelter offers a spacious patio that also opens into their main dining area, so almost any seat you take; you have access to the beautiful Charleston weather. With seating and standing areas – the Shelter can handle any sized crowd you bring. Along with happy hour food and drink staples, The Shelter offers favorites like pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes for those looking to keep it authentic and easy. (more…)