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5 Tips for Planning a Great Bachelorette Party


Wedding season is kicking off soon which means bachelorette party o’clock is happening right now. So you’ve been tasked with planning and hosting the BEST bachelorette party ever for your best girlfriend. No pressure right?

Where do you even begin? How do you deal with all the opinions and tastes? How do you manage collecting money from a big group of people? I’ve got a few tips for you on planning a great bachelorette party:


1) Pick a Memorable Location

The first thing to decide is if this will this be a one night party where you will celebrate locally or will this be an all-out weekend of debauchery at a fun destination? Consult with the bride and ask her where she would like to go. Then poll the bridesmaids and her closest girlfriends to see if a weekend in Vegas/Miami/NYC is do-able for everybody’s schedule and budget. You can always bunk four to a room, fly on points or go during low season.

If the bride wants to include as many people as possible, a local party is probably your best bet. But if you’re looking for a memorable getaway with just a small group of girlfriends – perhaps it will be a weekend trip. It could be a spa getaway in the country, a cottage rental in Muskoka, or a visit to a new city – anything is possible.


2) Pack it Full of Unique Activities

Once you’ve decided where you will be hosting the bachelorette, start researching fun activities for the group. Is there something incredibly unique that you can do as a group or at your destination that you can’t do at home?

Book an afternoon at the spa, take a local cooking class, hit up a comedy show, reserve a bunch of swanky dinners, go dancing, have brunch, go for afternoon tea or spend the day shopping. Ask the concierge at the hotel you are staying at for their opinion on the best ideas for your bachelorette party and let them help you. (more…)

Top 5 Honeymoon Ideas in Canada


By: Lisa Ng

Planning a honeymoon or romantic getaway with your love? Canada is full of beautiful and unique honeymoon destinations where you can explore to your heart’s content and soak in all the scenery that our country has to offer.

It’s also a great time to plan a romantic vacation within Canada, as you’ll get more bang for your buck by staying in Canada and spending your Canadian dollar at home. A lot of couples are also choosing to register for their dream honeymoon vacation as opposed to additional home items, they may already own. To get you inspired, here are My Top 5 Honeymoon Ideas in Canada:



1) Banff, Alberta

Looking for a little adventure? The stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains provides the perfect scene for the activity-seeking couple. Spend a day skiing on powder at Sunshine Mountain, see turquoise blue water while hiking Johnston Canyon Trail or ride the Banff Gondola for a scenic 360 view. Cuddle up in front of the fire at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel and book a couples massage at their luxurious Willow Stream Spa. Finish the night under the stars while soaking in mineral-rich water at the Banff Hot Springs. It’s the perfect winter honeymoon idea in Canada.


How I Saved Money on My Wedding Dress


Weddings are expensive.

I remember finding my dream wedding dress and not being able to stomach the $3000 price tag. It may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but as a newly engaged and broke university grad, $3000 was almost the price of my last tuition bill.

With a wedding to pay for, honeymoon costs looming and the possibility of buying our first home – I just couldn’t do it. So I decided to get a little creative and find a good compromise. Because once you have your heart set on a dress and a style, it’s hard to get that idea out of your head.

So what did I do? (more…)

Sweet Designs with Megan Wappel


By: Daniela DiStefano

Megan Wappel has definitely upped the dessert ante with her stylish and artistic sweet tables at weddings, corporate events and all sorts of special occasions. Through her company Megan Wappel Designs, she provides custom branding, sweets and design planning that really sets the mood for the entire occasion.

Here are some of her tasty tidbits for dressing up sweets and getting inspired for a spectacular dessert table your guests will not soon forget. (more…)