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Our Top 20 Unique Wedding Venues Toronto


Photo via Christopher Luk Photography

Updated February 2018.

During my seven-year career as a DJ, I had the chance to work and attend 400+ weddings all over Toronto and the GTA. I’m always paying close attention to the food, service and how well I am treated (even as a staff member – these are the people who will sing your praises).

A few of them stand out in my mind, so I’m sharing my most favourite and unique wedding venues in Toronto as an industry-insider:

Toronto’s Best Bridesmaid Dress Boutiques

henkaa bridesmaids dresses toronto

By: Tamika Auwai

Yes, it’s all about the bride but pretty maids in a row deserve to get their shine too.

Adorn them with dresses that aren’t just photo ready but also chic and wearable beyond the big day. A tall order indeed but luckily Toronto is filled with several fantastic bridesmaid boutiques sure to fit the bill. If your bridal party is on the hunt, check out these great shops:

Henkaa is a your best bet for dresses that are sure to be worn again. Their convertible frocks can be transformed in dozens of different styles to suit everyone’s personality and body type. (more…)

What I’ve Learned So Far After 9 Years of Marriage

marriage advice

During my 6-year long career as a wedding DJ, I’ve heard some pretty terrible and superficial marriage advice. If you calculate it – 400 weddings x 3 speeches per wedding that’s like 1200+ speeches I’ve heard and a lot of marriage advice being dispensed.

Some of it was an attempt at humour, some of it was just really vague. Here’s a sampling:

“Never go to bed angry.” – wrong IMHO!

“Put your hand on top of her hand – because that’s the last time you’ll have the upper-hand!” – wah-wah. Terrible.

“Happy wife, happy life.” – ok sure, but then what?

Paul and I are coming up to our 10-year wedding anniversary this year (here’s the story of how we met) and I’ve learned a lot of things about marriage. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I would share what I’ve learned so far after 9 years of marriage: (more…)

5 Wedding Technology Trends


By: Troy Williams

It’s not every day that you get the chance to fly up to Sonoma, California and attend a beautiful wedding. Not just any wedding either, but the most teched-out dream wedding planned by The Knot with details voted on by America.

Samantha & Taylor were selected from thousands of engaged couples across the country to have their unique story live-streamed for everyone to witness for The Knot’s Dream Wedding. Twice before this deserving couple’s plans to get married were cancelled due to the bride’s mother falling ill with cancer.


By hosting the event with the latest wedding technology on the market, Samantha’s Mom was able to watch her daughter’s dream wedding come to life from her hospital room. It was simply the best way to use modern day technology to witness one of the most traditional moments in a couple’s life.


Here are 5 of my favorite wedding technology features of Samantha & Taylor’s The Knot Dream Wedding that you can use for your own special event: (more…)

Free People Wedding Dress Collection


In all its gorgeous boho glory comes the Free People Wedding Dress Collection! I love the crazy, cool casualness of it all with the long trains, lace detail and just all that flow. It’s very much the wedding dress I would pick out now in my 30s vs. the more classic A-line princess-like dress I chose in my 20s. The dresses are also sort of perfect for a beach or destination wedding.


FP Ever After is the first bridal collection from Free People. I love that there’s just so much more variety and choice in the wedding gown game and gone are the days of just straight up silk or satin. It’s also so difficult to find a unique wedding dress out there, which is why this collection caught my eye. (more…)

10 Tips for Planning a Wedding Reception Timeline


Getting married or know someone who is?

Perhaps the venue is now booked, the invitations have been sent, you’ve registered for your honeymoon (did you know you can group fund your honeymoon?) and you’re now ready to build the perfect wedding reception timeline. After working over 400+ weddings as a special event DJ, there are a few tricks that really help a wedding reception flow.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning a wedding schedule:

1) Speeches – It’s better to schedule speeches in-between courses. It’s a natural lull that could easily be filled by a quick 5-minute speech (try not to let them go longer). Guests generally prefer this format as opposed to listening to 20 minutes of back-to-back speeches at the end of dinner.




2) Speech Timing – I like to cue the MC when the last table has been served their food. He or she will then quickly introduce the next speaker, encourage people to keep eating and get the show on the road. I would also advise the banquet hall not to clear any dishes until the speech has been finished so there’s no competing noise.


3) The Best Man Speech – Slot this one in as early as possible. I’ve seen too many Best Men get super nervous and knock back way too many drinks to compensate. Get this speech in early on in the night; same goes for anyone else who is very nervous about speaking.