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Why I Am Choosing A Dry January


I recently wrote about how I’m moving towards a reducetarian lifestyle. Which made me also re-evaluate my alcohol intake and what else I was putting into my body.

I drank A LOT of beer in Portland.

It was really part of my everyday life there with over 70+ breweries within the Portland city limits. I wanted to try everything, sample all these new beers and ended up drinking a lot more beer than I usually do. Don’t even get me started about being 30 minutes away from Oregon wine country! (more…)

Fruit Infused Ice Cubes


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Getting bored with the taste of just plain old water? I get you. I try to drink my eight glasses of filtered water a day and I usually infuse my water with fruit to add some natural flavour to my everyday H20. So what to do if you don’t have time to chop up fruit every time you pour yourself a glass? Fruit infused ice cubes are a GREAT little time saver and adds variety easily. Here’s how:


1) To start, pick out your favourite fruit and herb combinations for your fruit infused ice cubes.


2) Cut-up your fruit and herbs into little pieces and divide amongst your ice cube tray. This is a great way to use up ripe fruit or leftover herbs in your refrigerator! (more…)

How To Stay Hydrated


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I drink A LOT of water so I can stay hydrated.

The first thing I do as soon as I wake-up is pull my Brita pitcher out of my fridge and chug TWO big glasses of filtered water with half a lemon squeezed into it. I do this to get my metabolism going, to get a burst of natural vitamin C, it gives me energy, helps my digestive system and I know I’ve started my day by taking care of me.

I aim to drink around eight glasses of water everyday and this way I know I’ve drank at least two before I start working at my desk. I had a friend mention to me recently that she only drank maybe 2-3 glasses of water everyday and that she forgets to hydrate.


It’s SO important to drink enough water so everything in your body can function properly and you don’t end up mistaking thirst for hunger. Reach for water before you reach for a bag of chips! Don’t like the taste of plain water? Try infusing your water with fruit or herbs  to give it natural flavour without a ton of calories.

I also get incredibly sleepy when I’m dehydrated and then grumpy. So how do I remember to drink more water? I decided to put together a little water diary on how I stay hydrated throughout the day:

8:00 AM – Wake-up and resist the urge to check email! I usually end up doing so anyway. March downstairs, squeeze half an organic lemon into a 500 ml glass and add filtered water. Proceed to chug two glasses before I put on my workout clothes, make breakfast and start checking emails and social again at my desk. Time to attack my biggest task of the day!

10:00 AM – I make coffee in my French Press and pour myself another glass of water so I have it ready to go after my coffee. Caffeine dehydrates me, so I try to replenish with water as soon as I can. (more…)

Fruit-Infused Water Ideas


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What’s the first thing I do every morning before I drink my coffee, check my email or eat breakfast? I drink two giant 500 mL glasses of filtered water with a big squeeze from half of an organic lemon. If you’re worried about not drinking enough water, starting this easy daily habit ensures you get 1 litre of water into your system before you start your day! Why do I do it? The lemon alkalizes the body, aids with digestion and gives me a daily natural dose of vitamin C. I choose to use organic lemons because I usually drop it directly into my glass after squeezing it. The sheer amount of water also helps flush the system out and it wakes my body up so it can start up my metabolism.


If you don’t drink enough water everyday, this is a great habit to get you started. I continue to sip water throughout the day and aim to drink around 3 litres daily – especially on days when I workout and my body needs to stay hydrated. Water also keeps me full and staves off my sugar or salt cravings. Sometimes when we think we’re hungry – we might actually just be thirsty. Your skin will look great from all the hydration that your body is getting and you’ll feel less bloated overall. I keep a 500 mL glass Mason jar at my desk because it forces me to get up every time, take a break and refill it. (more…)

5 Low-Calorie Beverages


Cutting back after the holidays with low-calorie food and drink?

With my New Year’s Eve hangover still lingering and cries of, “I’m never drinking again” echo from every sofa across the country, This Beautiful Day brings to you our liquid detox guide. Check out these 5 low-calorie beverage ideas from The GetReal Gurls to get you back on the healthy wagon once again:

Bad beverage choices could bust your healthy eating plan in a snap. Don’t fall sucker to this common diet blunder by sticking to healthy liquid choices like the ones listed below.

1) Water – Yes I know, water is so boring right?! I’m sorry to break it to you but water is still and forever will be (yes I can say this without doubt) the best beverage choice. It’s thirst quenching, hydrating and calorie cost-free. Choose water at least six times a day and please skip the plastic. Try these water variations for fun and flare:

– water + lime slices or a splash of lime juice

– water + cucumber slices

– water + fruit slices

– drinking water from a wine glass (makes it fun dontcha think?)

– hot water with lemon

-or my favorite….sparkling water (aka Perrier, etc). Just choose a low sodium option. (more…)