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The Slanted Door – San Francisco


The Slanted Door has been on my restaurant must-eat list for a long time. I’ve made several trips to San Francisco, but could never score a reservation. Luckily during our recent trip to SF, we were able to get a lunch reservation! Do note, the pricing at lunch is the same as it is at dinner.

Located inside the historic Ferry Building, The Slanted Door offers waterfront reviews in their modern dining room. We visited on the weekend and it was packed! Which explains why The Slanted Door is California’s top-grossing restaurant raking in a huge mark-up on spring rolls and vermicelli noodles and earning $16.5 million in annual sales.

We could not miss their famous Crispy Imperial Rolls ($13). My Asian mom would flip out if she knew we paid that much for two spring rolls – but seriously, Paul and I agreed that these were some of the BEST Vietnamese style rolls we’ve ever had. Chef Charles Phan got it right with his mix of shrimp and pork shoulder roll that you wrap in lettuce, mint leaves and vermicelli noodles. This is a must-order.


Since it was lunch and we were planning a lot of sightseeing that day, we opted for the lighter dishes on the menu so we didn’t pass out after. The Grapefruit & Jicama Salad ($12) featured red cabbage, pickled carrot and candied pecan for a nice satisfying crunch to our meal. All of the fresh flavours melded nicely together.


We also really enoyed a Seasonal Corn Salad with juicy bits of charred grilled corn with meaty mushrooms and green onions. (more…)