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Where To Eat in Venice Beach, California


I’ve been living in Portland for about 3.5 months now and I am most definitely getting homesick for my friends + all the local spots I found during my time living next to Venice Beach.

Moving to a new city is HARD. Not only is it difficult to make new friends, but also discovering your local gems all over again. So for today, I made a little list of all of my favourite places to eat in Venice, California. Bookmark it for your next trip! (more…)

Venice Beach Food Experience with Avital Tours


I’ve lived on the Westside of LA for almost three years now and there are restaurants and bars that I’m just beginning to discover for the first time. So when Avital Tours invited me for a progressive four-course culinary dining experience in Venice Beach – I couldn’t type YES into my reply email fast enough!

As a local, I pride myself on knowing where are the good spots are – beyond the tourist traps of life by the beach. However, it was super exciting to be introduced to a few new places and get a behind-the-scenes look with Avital and her company, Avital Tours.

Avital has been running successful food tours in San Francisco for five years and is bringing her cool food tour concept to Los Angeles starting this month! Here’s what we ate: (more…)

Get Fit: Exhale Spa Barre + Yoga


Welcome to GET FIT! A new weekly column where we feature interesting workouts and fun ways to stay active, outside of the usual gym. In case you missed it, we talked about this surf workout last week. This week, I get my yoga and barre on at Exhale Spa.

I recently bought a Gilt City deal for Exhale Spa and used my 10 class pass at their Venice, California location. I had my eye on Exhale for awhile, but it does run a bit more expensive than other yoga and barre studios in my neighbourhood.

It was totally worth it.

I have been to yoga studios where you’re so squished together, you’re almost smelling the person’s feet in front of you during vinyasa. At Exhale Venice there was a ton of space for each person to spread out and you never smacked into anyone during a sun salutation. The studio is full of natural light and open space. My class pass included small towels and complimentary tea at the end of every session. (more…)

This Beautiful Christmas


It’s Christmas Eve!

I wanted to share a few photos of how Paul and I have been celebrating the season on the blog today. I spotted this decked out Christmas bicycle (above) full of copies of the Venice Beachhead – a local newspaper over here. It was a nice festive surprise on my walk along Main Street and it made me smile.


I ran another 5K race! This time it was part of the Santa Monica Venice Christmas Run. I posted a decent time – around 39 minutes, which beat my previous time of 43 minutes! My goal is to run 5K without stopping and walking – which is tough for me because I wasn’t always a runner.

But you can’t get anywhere if you can’t start somewhere. Instead of focusing on time, my goal is to just run a proper 5K first and then work on improving my time slowly. Which I hope could be under 35 minutes. It was still nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine though! (more…)

My Christmas House Tour


Happy holidays everyone!

I thought I would share all set up for Christmas. We didn’t do anything too fancy, but chose to keep things pretty simple. I found my felt ‘Very Merry’ banner from Target for $8 – I like that it has a cozy feel to it. I added a red blanket and put out a few more candles to give our space some warmth. I like having a white palette and just being able to add colour to it.


We moved our cozy reading nook to the other side of the room to make space for our Christmas tree. I found my throw blanket ladder on etsy for $80. The lamp was $100 and is from Target and the mirror I found at HomeGoods for $60. (more…)

LA Lately


Life in LA lately – I’m really trying to put some roots down here and decided against any major travel until things get busy again in May. It’s been hard starting over in a city that you’re never in – so I’m making a point to discover as much of the city as possible…by actually being here.

First off, exercising is not really my thing – but I’m trying to make it a part of my life. I bought this kick-ass aluminum beach cruiser from Greenline Bicycles in the valley. The frame is lighter than most steel cruisers, it’s got 7-speeds and hand brakes – all for $230. I’ve been riding down to the beach more now that I finally have a bike.


I always make a point of stopping in at the Venice Beach Skate Park (above). Sunday nights are the best time for people-watching – the drum circle is going, its roller disco dance day and the skate park is always busy.  (more…)