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Venice Beach Food Experience with Avital Tours


I’ve lived on the Westside of LA for almost three years now and there are restaurants and bars that I’m just beginning to discover for the first time. So when Avital Tours invited me for a progressive four-course culinary dining experience in Venice Beach – I couldn’t type YES into my reply email fast enough!

As a local, I pride myself on knowing where are the good spots are – beyond the tourist traps of life by the beach. However, it was super exciting to be introduced to a few new places and get a behind-the-scenes look with Avital and her company, Avital Tours.

Avital has been running successful food tours in San Francisco for five years and is bringing her cool food tour concept to Los Angeles starting this month! Here’s what we ate: (more…)

LA Lately


Life in LA lately – I’m really trying to put some roots down here and decided against any major travel until things get busy again in May. It’s been hard starting over in a city that you’re never in – so I’m making a point to discover as much of the city as possible…by actually being here.

First off, exercising is not really my thing – but I’m trying to make it a part of my life. I bought this kick-ass aluminum beach cruiser from Greenline Bicycles in the valley. The frame is lighter than most steel cruisers, it’s got 7-speeds and hand brakes – all for $230. I’ve been riding down to the beach more now that I finally have a bike.


I always make a point of stopping in at the Venice Beach Skate Park (above). Sunday nights are the best time for people-watching – the drum circle is going, its roller disco dance day and the skate park is always busy.  (more…)