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How To Create A Brunch DIY Avocado Toast Bar

diy avocado toast bar

Avocado toast has been getting a bad rap right now and it shouldn’t, because it’s downright delicious and affordable when you make it at home. Also, a brunch dish cannot be blamed for an entire generation being unable to afford a house in an overpriced city centre.

Don’t even get me started.

I catered a Vegan Baby Shower with Jenni Bost (all photos in this post also by Jenni) last month for our friend Lindsay Ingalls. If you missed it – see my post on this Vegan Cheese Platter I created. Now you’re thinking, what do you serve at a vegan brunch that doesn’t require eggs or meat?

Avocado toast to the rescue! (more…)

What To Eat On Meatless Monday

toby's tofu dip meatless monday

By: April + Michelle of Get Real Gurls

Meatless Monday is an international campaign to help people reduce their meat consumption by 15% and to improve personal health along with the health of the planet. It’s an easy way to do your part and it makes meal planning for the week easy peasy!

What are some of the benefits of eating less meat?


How To Create A Delicious Vegan Cheese Board

miyoko's vegan cheese

I love creating epic cheese platters.

So when my friend Jenni suggested we host a baby shower (see my fave gift ideas) for our friend Lindsay (who is vegan), I offered to do all the food. Now I’ve never catered a vegan party before – but I love eating healthy and am definitely interested in cooking more vegan meals.

So a vegan cheese platter? It’s not as intimidating as you think. Luckily, Lindsay sent me a list of her favourite cheeses that I easily paired with fruit and crackers. Here’s what I suggest for your own vegan cheese platter: (more…)

Raspberry + Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Raspberry Almond Gluten Free Thumbprint Cookies

I love thumbprint cookies. There’s something so fulfilling about eating your way to that sweet and tart jam centre – which makes it totally addicting, so I start again with another cookie! They also pair really well with a nice rich cup of coffee.

If you’re planning on doing some holiday baking this month – this recipe is it. I fell in love with these raspberry and almond thumbprint cookies and not only is it delicious and packed full of protein, it’s also vegan AND gluten-free! (more…)

Easy Banana Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of Yonanas

Have you tried making banana ice cream yet?

It’s pretty much become my go-to dessert. Trust me, if I could eat ice cream everyday – I would. But to avoid becoming a million pounds I try to limit my intake of desserts – even though I have an incredibly intense sweet tooth. That being said, I’m always on the hunt for healthy desserts. No seriously, if you have any healthy dessert ideas send them MY WAY.



Photo courtesy of Yonanas

Yes, there IS a Santa Claus because these such things exist! Which brings me to banana ice cream. You seriously take frozen bananas + frozen something else, blend it together and you have frozen banana ice cream.

Don’t believe me?

You NEED this in your life.

Some of my favourite banana ice cream combos include:

  1. Banana + Frozen Straberries
  2. Banana + Match Green Tea Powder
  3. Banana + Frozen Peaches
  4. Banana + Nutella
  5. Banana + Cocoa Powder + Chocolate Chips

You can blend all these items together in a blender, but to get a super awesome soft-serve consistency you can try using a Yonanas machine which gets the texture just right. Banana ice cream is also vegan and dairy-free for those that are latcose-intolerant, this is perfect. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Ruth Tal


Ruth Tal, founder of Fresh Restaurants and Juice Bar in Toronto


Ruth Tal knows healthy eating. I make it no secret that one of my favourite places in Toronto is Fresh Restaurant and Juice Bar, a growing vegetarian chain she founded back in 1999. As soon as I land, I head straight to the Queen West location for their crunchy Quinoa Onion Rings and a Baby Beach Bowl with Grilled Tofu.

Since I am such a major fan of their healthy and affordable eats, I was thrilled for the chance to interview Ruth to learn about her own health journey, life advice and career path. Meet Ruth Tal!


What inspired your love of vegan foods and juicing?

My love for this planet and animals inspired me to find ways to tread as lightly on it as I possibly could. Choosing a plant-based diet and juicing were the natural outcome of this intention to help and make a positive difference in the choices I make every day.

Apart from that, I grew up loving my mom’s colourful Moroccan cooking and liberal use of fresh fruits and vegetables. Focusing on vegan foods and juicing meant I could indulge my love of eating legumes, grains, fruits, greens and vegetables even more!