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Spa Life: Le Scandinave Spa – Collingwood


Looking for an easy weekend getaway out of Toronto to recharge?

I finally got back to Le Scandinave Spa in Collingwood, Ontario this past weekend and it is still the perfect spa oasis getaway. Located only two hours from downtown, Toronto I usually like to take a Friday off, leave in the morning to avoid traffic on the 400, grab a quick lunch on the way there and be at the spa by 1 PM. (more…)

Travel Guide: Portland, Oregon


***Now updated****

Portland has my heart.

I have traveled to a lot of different cities and have been lucky to experience a lot of different things, but there is something I find SO endearing about Portland that I cannot stop recommending this city to everyone I talk to. It’s the artisanship that goes into the food, beer, and crafts that has me falling in love with the quirky city of ‘Portlandia‘, made even more popular by the TV show of the same name.

Portland is an easy city navigate on foot or by bike. The backdrop of Mount Hood, the turning colour of the trees and the soft mist of rain made the city seem even more romantic to me. Haven’t been to Portland? Go! Go! Go! Here are the things I got up to during my first getaway weekend and I just updated it from my recent (second) getaway!


Getting There – The TriMet Max Train will take you directly from Portland International Airport into downtown for a mere $2.50! You’ll not only breeze past traffic, but you’ll enjoy a pretty view of Mount Hood during this 40-minute train ride to downtown Portland. (more…)

72 Hours in Hollywood, California


Planning a quick weekend stop in and around Hollywood, California?

LA is HUGE and it’s hard to figure out where to begin. Most tourists make a stop in Hollywood and there’s just so much to do. It’s a great place to start to see the iconic LA symbols. Here’s my mini travel guide of things to eat, see and do in and around Hollywood in 72 hours!



The Original LA Farmers Market – Before a big day in Hollywood I always like to grab lunch at The Original LA Farmers Market for local eats from the mom & pop food stands. It’s less of a market, more of a food court but there is still lots of fresh produce, fish and gourmet specialty products on offer. My go-tos include the chocolate-covered raised donuts from Bob’s Doughnuts, the mixed po’ boy from The Gumbo Pot and the Brazilian BBQ buffet at Pampas Grill.


The Grove – This outdoor shopping mall is quintessential LA with big stores like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, J. Crew and Topshop – it’s a great way to do some shopping and then grab some lunch or see a movie after. It’s attached to The Original Farmers’ Market.

It’s quite the fancy shopping experience with valet parking, shoeshine service, a trolley car, decorative fountains and the nicest ‘mall’ washrooms I have ever seen in my life! My favourite stores at The Grove include Cost Plus World Market and The Veggie Grill for a quick bite. Make sure to also stop for a Sprinkles cupcake. (more…)

8 Fall Getaway Ideas From Toronto


Looking for fun fall getaway ideas from Toronto?

I’m sharing a few of my favourite places to watch the leaves turn that are only a short road trip away from my hometown of Toronto. I like to take the weekend away to hike, read, go to the spa and breathe in the crisp cold air in the great outdoors. So round-up your girlfriends or your significant other and let’s hit the road!


1. Prince Edward County, Ontario

One of my all-time favourite weekend trips from Toronto. I would suggest staying at Huff Estates or the Drake Devonshire Inn and pick out a bunch of wineries and restaurants to check out during your visit.

See my Travel Guide to Prince Edward County for more fall getaway ideas for your visit! About a 2.5 hour drive to Picton, Ontario from Toronto.


2. Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario

Relax at this pretty country estate and book a few spa appointments to re-centre yourself. I love hitting all the water therapies, steam room and sauna to detox and reset.

The overnight stays at Ste. Anne’s Spa are all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about meals or paying extra for yoga or meditation classes. About a 90 minute drive to Grafton, Ontario. (more…)

How a Trip to Europe Changed My Life


The view from Positano, Italy

Hi Everyone + happy #TravelTuesday! I thought I would re-share this gem today because 5 years ago today, Paul and I went on a trip to Europe and it changed both of our lives. 

By: Lisa Ng

A trip to Europe changed my life.

Looking back, it was a definitive moment that got me off a conveyor belt I didn’t want to be on and changed my outlook on life.

I had been to Europe before – back in 2003 on a backpacking trip with Paul. That was also an eye-opening trip where I officially caught the travel bug. But when we returned to Italy and Germany in 2010, things were different. (more…)

Go For It: The Under 35 Work Holiday Visa


Blogging from our new home

Happy Labour Day! Feeling like you need a change this fall? I’m re-sharing my post on The Under 35 Work Holiday Visa to get you inspired if you’re thinking of making a big move. Enjoy!

If you’re feeling like you’re in a life rut or not doing anything you’re remotely passionate about – then maybe a year abroad is something that might be a fit for you.

Before I moved to LA, I seriously researched moving to Amsterdam last year with my husband. Until this point, I had been on some long vacations and backpacking trips, but nothing epic like a year abroad or moving to another country. Having lived in Toronto and Mississauga for most of my life, I couldn’t picture not trying something outside of my comfort zone before I reached the working holiday visa age limit of 35. So I did some research and came across the under 35 work holiday visa. (more…)