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7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling


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Winter is in full swing and many of us have a hot weather vacation planned to escape the cold! After years of travelling, I finally decided that I was done feeling like I needed another vacation from my vacation. I wanted to protect my ‘vacation bliss’.

So I’ve taken some serious steps towards staying healthy while travelling – because getting sick is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Here’s what I recommend:


Travel Size Beauty

nuxe travel set


With the holidays coming up there is likely a lot of travel coming up on your schedule. I’ll be heading back to LA soon for a visit and bringing a few of my new travel size beauty favourites with me. Here’s what I’m loving lately!

Nuxe Travel Set – Nuxe is one of my favorite natural brands out there and they put together this cute little travel set of their products in a clear zip-up bag. Includes a cleanser, anti-fatigue day cream, dry oil, hand cream and shower oil – perfect for dehydrated skin after a bunch of travel.


8 Great Travel Apps

maui travel apps

I travel a lot. So I swear by a handful of travel apps.

There was one year where I was physically away from my apartment for almost 12 weeks – traveling. Whether you’re a travel pro or just someone who takes the occasional trip, you want to make sure you have the BEST time possible.

Whenever I travel, I like to live like a local and avoid anything super touristy. I have a couple apps that I swear by when I’m visiting a new destination. It’s always fun surprising Paul, my friends and my family with a really cool spot. They’re always asking – how did you find this place?

So here are my essential iPhone travel apps that will take your trip from good to great! (more…)

Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Portland, Oregon


It’s been a busy month for visitors!

We had my cousin come into town, then my sister, a friend from LA and then Paul’s parents – who took an epic road trip from Toronto and drove a uHaul full of our crap to Portland, Oregon. We’ve been showing people around town that I wanted to finally put together a GREATEST HITS Travel Guide to Portland.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to stay – check out my post on Hotel Vintage!

Here’s what you just can’t miss on your first visit: (more…)

5 Ways to Pack Efficiently for Your Next Vacation

pack efficiently tip travel

I used to be an overpacker.

Gone now are the days when I would chuck a bunch of pants and a bunch of tops into my suitcase and consider myself packed. I would arrive in my destination with a bunch of mismatched clothing and nothing to wear. I finally gave in and created a system so I could pack efficiently for all my trips. I now swear by this rolling suitcase.

I know it all sounds a little Type A, but after resisting for so long I finally realized to avoid overpacking, you had to plan in advance what you wanted to wear. Trust me. It will feel great to get up and not have to decide anything. Just throw your planned outfit on and get on with your day.

Here are 5 ways to pack efficiently for your next vacation:

Checking In: Marriott Courtyard Chelsea NYC

NYC Times Square

New York is easily one of my favourite cities to visit.

So when Paul’s aunt celebrated her 70th birthday this past weekend, we made plans to fly across the country to join the celebration. The most stressful thing about planning a last-minute trip to NYC is finding a good hotel room. We ended up choosing the Marriott Courtyard Chelsea which has an amazing location in the heart of Manhattan.

Getting There – We flew Delta direct from Portland to NYC into JFK Airport. From there it was one quick AirTrain ride to Jamaica Station and then the Long Island Railroad express with just two stops to Penn Station in just 20 minutes. We avoided a ton of traffic this way and the train is always such a smooth ride – especially if you get motion sick easily like me (hello NYC cabs!) (more…)