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Travel Guide: 48 Hours in Portland, Oregon


It’s been a busy month for visitors!

We had my cousin come into town, then my sister, a friend from LA and then Paul’s parents – who took an epic road trip from Toronto and drove a uHaul full of our crap to Portland, Oregon. We’ve been showing people around town that I wanted to finally put together a GREATEST HITS Travel Guide to Portland.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to stay – check out my post on Hotel Vintage!

Here’s what you just can’t miss on your first visit: (more…)

Travel Guide: Seaside, Oregon

Seaside Oregon

The weather is finally getting warmer and we’ve been missing the beach.

Paul and I have been exploring the Oregon Coast from our home base here in Portland. We are so lucky because the lovely town of Seaside is a quick little weekend trip away and we stopped in for our very visit earlier this month. (more…)

The 7 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles

Venice beach guide

One of the many things I get emails from friends, family, visitors and readers are things to do in Los Angeles. First off, LA is a BEAST. It’s super spread out and can take an hour or more to get from the beach to Hollywood depending on traffic.

My best advice? Plan your visit by neighbourhoods and either uber or rent a car to get around. The transit system is getting better, but it can often take twice as long to get somewhere if you’re not staying near a station. So I’m breaking it all down for you on the favourite places I try to take people to, whenever they are visiting – enjoy! (more…)

The 8 Best Things to Do in Toronto

toronto skyline

Toronto will forever hold a place in my heart.

It’s where I grew up, went to college and spent my 20s. Over the years, I’ve been asked by friends, family and readers on the top things to do for a trip to Toronto and it’s SO hard to narrow it all down to just a FEW things.

However, if I had to pick and you were visiting for only a week – these would be the things I would suggest to you: (more…)

72 Hours in London, England


By: Curated5 Blogazine

If you only have a couple of hours on a layover or are planning a full-blown vacation, London is always a good idea. One of the very few global cities, London boasts an amazing transportation network, a world-class selection of restaurants and shopping opportunities as well as breathtaking views and sights. (more…)

The 7 Best Places To Go in 2016


Where do you want to go in 2016?

I traveled to some incredible places this past year and there are certain destinations I would return to in a heartbeat and a couple cities that were just ‘meh’. So this list is all about the exciting places you should definitely check out in 2016.

I do find that the only way to make travel a reality is to book that vacation time off now! Slot in dates on when you think it might be a good time to go away and start looking at flights to get that ball rolling. Otherwise, you’ll never get out there!

Here’s my 7 best places to go in 2016: (more…)