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My Trader Joe’s Top 10


Trader Joe’s is my go-to grocery store. I’m obsessed with it. I’ve contemplated how long I could live on an all-Trader Joe’s frozen food diet. It’s affordable, minimally processed food that is delicious.

Trader Joe’s has their own branded products that sort of remind me of a cross between President’s Choice products in Canada and what you would find at a Marks & Spencer’s Food Hall. The product developers deserve a high-five! I’ve loved almost everything I’ve ever purchased from Trader Joe’s, that I thought I would share with you my personal top 10:


1) Speculoos Cookie Butter – If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to spread cookie on toast, you’re in luck. Cookie Butter has a cult following and has spawned a chocolate spin-off. It’s unique to Trader Joe’s and a best-seller. If you buy one thing from TJ’s, it should be this.


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2) Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – Holy crap. The dark chocolate combined with the creamy peanut butter centre could give us a world peace. If you want to be the hero at work, bring a box into the office. It’s also impossible to just eat one, I can only eat them in pairs and then I have to hide the whole box until the next day. (more…)

15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas


Looking for a healthy breakfast idea? Here are a few of my favourites to get me fueled up and ready to go in the morning:

1) Oatmeal with Mixed Berries and Brown Sugar – If I’m in a mega rush in the morning, I’ll put on the kettle and make myself a bowl of plain instant steel-cut oatmeal. Just add a handful of your favourite mixed berries and a sprinkle of brown sugar or maple syrup. Add a touch of almond milk if you like.

Throw your oatmeal in an container, pack a spoon and head out the door! For a variation, try adding dried fruit, nuts or pumpkin seeds instead. I like buying plain oatmeal and adding my own flavours and sweetener instead of it coming packed with anything artificial. Fresh is best!


2) Easy Egg Tacos – Grab a package of corn tortillas, a carton of eggs, fresh salsa and an avocado at the start of the week. It’s everything you need to make these easy egg tacos. Just heat up the tortilla for 30 seconds on each side in a non-stick pan, fry an egg sunny-side up. Serve with sliced avocado and salsa on the side. Add hot sauce or sriracha if you like a bit of kick. Or scramble your egg if you’re in a rush! Definitely one of my fave healthy breakfast ideas.


3) Cinnamon Raisin Toast – Sometimes it’s the Cinnamon Raisin Bread from Trader Joe’s that gets me up every morning. The bread itself is thick and chewy bread and when toasted, it has a nice loud crunch. I spread on a tiny bit of butter and serve with a sliced apple and a hard-boiled egg for a filling and healthy breakfast. Cinnamon + apple together? The BEST. (more…)

DIY Hot Chocolate Station


Love hot chocolate?

I hosted a few of our neighbours at our place last weekend before we all headed out to watch the local Christmas Boat Parade. It does get chilly at night here in Los Angeles, so I hatched a plan to create a DIY Hot Chocolate Bar where we could load up our to-go coffee cups with spiked hot chocolate and stroll over to see the boat parade together.

The Booze – Bailey’s is a must for me. I grabbed a few mini bottles of Kahlua and one big bottle of my all-time favourite – Amarula, which is a cream-based liquer made with fruit from the marula tree. You can pick out 2-3 of your favourite liquers or a bunch of minis if you’re thinking of hosting your own DIY Hot Chocolate Station over the holidays: (more…)