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This Beautiful Life: Julie D’Uva



I first met the amazing Julie D’Uva at a blogger brunch that I had organized with a few of the fun people I would tweet with in Toronto. Julie and I have kept in touch over the years as her PR career took her from Harry Rosen to Holt Renfrew and now overseas to Shanghai, China! I’ve always admired Julie’s work – online and in PR. Her incredible sense of style even landed her on Toronto’s Most Stylish list by Toronto Life Magazine. I was ecstatic to catch up with her and learn more about life abroad. Meet Julie!


What inspired you to launch your blog Seven Dollar Pants?

Back in the day, my friend Christine and I talked so much about our great shopping deals that we impressed each other and ourselves so we were inspired to start Seven Dollar Pants to share our shopping finds with our friends. Through the years it shifted, as Christine moved away from the city and I continued to blog on SDP more about travel and places to go.

Christine has her own blog fromchristine.com where you can see adorable pictures of her son. He’s too cute. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Richard Fabregui + Marc Piercey


One of my favourite moments with Richard Fabregui & Marc Piercey was when they hosted the most over-the-top bachelorette party for our friend Nelia of Style Blog. They went 150% with themed games, favours and food that it’s not difficult to see why they are so successful in the work life as well. Richard and Marc run the popular style blog, Toronto Is Fashion and I’m thrilled to feature them in my latest This Beautiful Life column:


How did you become so passionate about fashion + style?

We’ve both worked in fashion retail for a number of years and loved seeing the changing trends each season. We’re interested in clothing and how it can drastically change how a person looks and feels. Marc has worked as a stylist for television and movies and Richard has always had an eye for putting together standout fashion pieces.