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Travel Guide: Tokyo, Japan – Part 2

shinjuku tokyo japan

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Paul and I are finally feeling a bit more settled in our new home in Portland, that I’ve finally had some time to sort through my photos and write part 2 of my travel guide for Tokyo, Japan. I was also lucky to partner up with Expedia for this trip as one of their Big World Explorers!

You can read PART ONE of my Travel Guide to Tokyo Japan here.

Where to start? This was my second trip and I wanted to spend this trip in Tokyo, because I felt like I just didn’t have enough time the first time around and I really wanted to experience the city like a local and not like a crazed tourist. Here are some more recommendations for things to eat, see and do in one of my favourite cities! (more…)

Tokyo DisneySea at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo DisneySea

I am a big Disney fan, having been on trips to Disney World and Disneyland  multiple times! So when I finally had the chance this time to visit the one-of-a-kind Tokyo DisneySea – I couldn’t wait. I knew it would be special and there would be lots of Japanese twists on everything at the resort.

The theme park is inspired by legends of the sea with different water themed ‘lands’ making up the park. It is unlike any other Disney park I’ve been to, but I did see similarities between a few rides and attractions. However, it was totally still worth going! (more…)

9 Crazy Japanese Vending Machines

Japan Travel Tips Eating Drinking

I was trying to spot all the crazy vending machines all over Tokyo during my recent trip to Japan. I would usually see a few Japanese Vending Machines in the subway, but you’ll also see them at the spa, at restaurants and in an alleyway.

Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita and they range from typical, practical, weird and hilarious. Most of all – they are convenient. There is 1 machine for every 23 people! Here 9 crazy Japanese Vending Machines I spotted in Tokyo:

The Beverage Machine – Need coffee, tea, water or a soda? This robot (above) has everything you need with more selection then your typical soda machine you’d find in North America. (more…)

5 Japan Travel Tips

asakusa temple tokyo japan travel tips

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Thinking of going to Japan? Looking for Japan Travel Tips?

I recently made my second trip and learned a bit more about how things work there and what would be helpful for tourists to know. I spent most of my time in Tokyo this time around and updated this travel guide which might also be useful for you.

If you’re thinking of visiting – just go! It’s like taking a trip to the future and living in a city where everything moves at warp speed. The most expensive part will likely be your flight, I found food, hotels and activities to be reasonably priced to what I would pay in my own city. Here are my 5 Japan Travel Tips: (more…)

Spa Life: Park Hyatt Tokyo


Konichiwa! I’m back from Tokyo!

I had a bit of time to kill this month while I was waiting for some documents to be renewed, so I took a last-minute solo trip to Tokyo. With about 2 weeks notice, I was able to book myself on a flight, hotel (including the Park Hyatt Tokyo) and activities for a 10 day trip to just Tokyo this time. I tried to convince Paul and my sister to go, but no one could take the time off work with such short notice.

So I decided to go anyway! Tokyo is a city I’ve always wanted to return to – so here was my chance to enjoy it and explore it on my own. 10 days was perfect because I started to get lonely (not being able to speak Japanese) and I missed Paul and BINGO terribly.

I chose to do a city vacation with a jam-packed itinerary where I was seeing and doing a lot of stuff. It’s easy to burnout this way, so I am all about booking in downtime and unique spa visits into my travel plans. (more…)

The Robot Restaurant + Bar – Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant Bar Tokyo Japan

Happy Throwback Thursday! I’m in Tokyo for the next little bit and am scheduling up this post for those considering a trip to Japan 🙂

Domi arigato, Mr. Roboto. Your eyes will not know where to look upon entering the lobby lounge of Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant.

Is this Liberace’s palace?

Is this the future? 

THIS my friends is what $10 billion yen will buy you – gold shell swivel chairs, crystal chandeliers, wall-to-wall mirrors and LOTS of neon sparkle. It’s seriously what the owners spent decking out the place and I really hope they’ve made that money back. (more…)