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This Beautiful Life: Erin Souder


I first met the lovely Erin Souder at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City this past January. I sat in on a panel that Erin and Alexis Mattox hosted about launching your own product line. It’s definitely something I’ve been thinking about, so I was easily intrigued by their processes. I really admire how Erin gives 150% to everything that she does and how she left a steady corporate career to pursue her dream. I’m excited for all of you to meet Erin!


What motivated you to start your wildly successful home decor website, Earnest Home Co.

I started Earnest Home Co. back in 2011 because I literally had too many ideas to keep inside my head! I would always be creating something, or renovating a room, or whipping up a party and friends always wanted to know how I thought of the ideas I had. I realized that I had to share my creative process and ideas with the world. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Jennifer Weatherhead



Whenever I check in on Jennifer Weatherhead’s Instagram feed, she is always jetting off somewhere super cool. In addition to her love of travel, Jen is runs all of the social media at Hello! Canada and Hello! USA. Jen has so much incredible knowledge about working in digital (she spent 8+ years at Elle Canada), I knew instantly that I wanted to feature her for this column. Meet Jen everybody!


How did you decide on a career as a writer and editor?

I remember being in elementary school and writing these ridiculously long, obscure stories during writing period and it has always stuck with me. So there was never any question what direction I was headed in while in school. I did focus on broadcast and TV when I went to journalism school and did that for a brief time before switching back to writing at the insistence of an old university professor who said I should. His words still stick with me to this day!




Tell us more about your role as the Social Media Manager of Hello! Canada and Hello! US

My job at Hello! Canada and Hello! US is SO much fun. I pinch myself sometimes when thinking about how much I love it and how lucky I am to work for another international brand. Hello! US just launched a digital-only version of the brand in December, so I am helping them build their social media presence from the ground up. Starting from fresh on any project is fulfilling and an amazing way to learn more about digital – and it gives you an opportunity to find a voice and brand identity.

And for Hello! Canada I handle all of their social media accounts, curating the most beautiful aspects of the brand (from both print and web), hopefully inspiring our followers and keeping them up to date on all things celebrity and royal. And looking at pictures of Prince George or researching the hottest male bachelors in Canada isn’t a bad way to spend the day 😉


For 8+ years you were the Senior Web Editor at Elle Canada. What makes a great blog post?

The world of the web changed so much while I was at Elle Canada. It’s what I love most about working in digital! But one thing that’s always remained the same for a good blog post (or good content on the web in general), in my opinion, is having a unique voice to set you apart from all the internet clutter. Short is always better.

When training someone new on blogging or web content, I always start with keeping it easy to read. Think point-form, easy-to-digest paragraphs and beautiful images, and make sure the reader always has something to take away. It sounds so simple but it works – and that’s what will keep them coming back. And those loyal fans and followers are your bread and butter in the online world. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Natalie DiScala



A friend of mine suggested I get to know the lovely Natalie DiScala as we had a few things in common including our love for travel, blogging and life in Los Angeles. Natalie’s blog Oh! Travelissima is a source of inspiration from the city guides and the stylish things that Natalie curates.

I recently had a chance to chat with Natalie about how she got started as a writer and her best life + travel advice. Meet Natalie everyone!


How did you decide on a career as a writer and editor?

Somehow, there was never any other option for me. I just knew from a very young age that I wanted to write. I think it was because I was an avid reader. Words, books, reading and writing – they’ve always been an enormous part of my life; as far back as I can remember.




In addition to your role as Senior Web Editor at Style At Home, you also run a wonderful travel blog – Oh! Travelissima. What compelled you to start your blog?

Starting my blog was a natural extension for me. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel more than I ever dreamed possible so creating an online space where I could share stories, photos and advice from my travels made a lot of sense. My blog is truly a labour of love and I absolutely love occupying my own small corner of the digital sphere where I can create and share content.


You are a power pinner and recently gave a talk at TBEX on Pinterest. What are your top tips for those looking to harness the power of Pinterest for their own blogs?

Pinterest is such a powerful platform and it’s one that I love using. There are two main ways that I use Pinterest. The first is to curate photos of all the things that inspire me. The second is to share content that I’m creating. To maximize your presence on Pinterest, I recommend pinning beautiful photography (original photos as much as possible), pinning frequently and using keyword descriptors in your caption to make sure that your pins are discoverable to users who are searching for something specific.



This Beautiful Life: Alexis Mattox



I met the lovely Alexis Mattox at ALT Summit this past January when I sat in on her panel on launching a product line. I’m thinking of doing the same earlier this year and it was incredibly inspiring to hear from a pro like Alexis. You may have spotted her greeting cards, cake toppers and various stationery products at Anthroplogie or J. Crew.

The coolest part? Alexis manufactures all of her own product via her studio, Alexis Mattox DesignI chatted with Alexis recently on how she got her start as an industrial designer to launching collaborations with major national brands. Meet Alexis everyone!


How did you decide on a career in stationery and design?

I have always loved art since I was a little girl. I would spend hours and hours at my little pink desk in my kitchen drawing and painting and my teachers in school always said I used more than my share of paper during art classes. I should have known then that I would be a designer.

It took me a while to settle on a career, but I have always been a pretty independent person, so the idea of starting my own business really suited me. I love working in all sorts of mediums, but paper has a special place, because you can take something so simple and make it really unique.



This Beautiful Life: Jessica O’Reilly



I first met Jessica O’Reilly through a mutual friend who was helping her develop a TV show. I definitely wanted to interview her because of her incredibly unique career! Dr. Jess is a Sexologist with her PhD and really, no question is too embarrassing. So what exactly is a Sexologist? Well, you’re about to find out!


What is a Sexologist?

Sexologist is an umbrella term for people working in the field of sexuality. Some of us are therapists, counsellors, educators and even entertainers.




How did you end up choosing such an interesting career?

I was a high school teacher at a school for at-risk youth and quickly became frustrated with the lack of good sex education. I went back to school hoping to be part of the solution and work in curriculum development and teacher training. Though I don’t work in education full-time, I now train the teachers at several universities to deliver effective sex education that reflects both the curriculum and what students want to learn.



This Beautiful Life: Iva Ouzounova



I first met Iva Ouzounova through my sister Amy – who became good friends through high school. I’ve been keeping tags on the growth and success of Iva’s etsy shop, Dream Willow and I was so incredibly curious about how Iva got her start in creating a jewelry collection and how-to set up an etsy store.

Whether you’re thinking of doing something similar or seeking some creative inspiration – Iva gives us some insight in the day-to-day operations of Dream Willow. Meet Iva everybody!


How did you get into creating jewelry? Did you take a class?

I was shopping for art supplies one day, when I saw a new line of beads and findings. I picked up a few metal pieces and with a pair of pliers, I made my first pair of dangly earrings! I remember a week later I had a compartment box filled with beads.

I was very proud of my collection and little did I know that a few years later I would have a room dedicated to my supplies. For the most part I am completely self-taught; I owe it all to on-line tutorials and YouTube videos. Last year I started a certificate program in jewelry making and silversmithing in hopes to learn the formal techniques of my craft.