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Winter Tea Questions


I’ve been drinking a lot of tea lately.

I was sick with a cold last month and the dark, cool nights have me reaching for something warm to sip on. I recently chatted with my friend Dan Johanis, a tea expert in Toronto for his advice on all things tea.

What are some teas you would recommend for a long, cold winter?

For a pick-me-up, nothing beats a great cup of masala chai which is black tea with spices. Simmering it on a stove top with honey and coconut cream is my absolute favourite way of preparing it. It also makes your place smell warm and inviting too!

Another favourite is mine is kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented and naturally carbonated, cold served tea. It’s been around for ages but has been gaining in popularity here in North America in the past few years. Not many people know, but kombucha is made by first steeping tea leaves, so it actually is a tea! It’s a great way to naturally boost your immune system and get your body prepped for cold & flu season. (more…)