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Toronto’s Best Bridesmaid Dress Boutiques

henkaa bridesmaids dresses toronto

By: Tamika Auwai

Yes, it’s all about the bride but pretty maids in a row deserve to get their shine too.

Adorn them with dresses that aren’t just photo ready but also chic and wearable beyond the big day. A tall order indeed but luckily Toronto is filled with several fantastic bridesmaid boutiques sure to fit the bill. If your bridal party is on the hunt, check out these great shops:

Henkaa is a your best bet for dresses that are sure to be worn again. Their convertible frocks can be transformed in dozens of different styles to suit everyone’s personality and body type. (more…)

My New “Wear With Everything” Blundstone Boots

australian boot company toronto

By: Tamika Auwai

Steady approaching the cooler side of 35, I know one thing for sure.

No matter how much you love your wardrobe of gorgeous four inch stilettos, one day you will find yourself reaching for shoes that keep you closer to the ground.

It’s inevitable ladies. (more…)

Advice For My 20 Year-old Self: Tamika Auwai


By: Tamika Auwai

Being a first born, overachieving Leo – I always did things as expected and carried that into my early adulthood. Ever the model citizen, I went to school for sensible business administration, not my passions of journalism or fashion — more secure job options, I thought. I took the first jobs I was offered whether or not I really interested in learning about the company or industry — better employed than not. I bought into RRSPs and life insurance policies — start saving young for retirement. I moved straight from my parents home into my marital home never really having my own place — better to mortgage than waste money on rent.

If it sounds like a recipe for success, it was. I had $10K in my RRSP and a senior-level management position by age twenty-five. I got married and owned a house by twenty-six. On the surface my life was on track, maybe even ahead of the curve and my parents were quite proud. Underneath I was holding back, focused entirely on the life plan that was given to me rather than stumbling about growing into who I really wanted to become, making choices based on what I thought I should do and not at all what I really longed for. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Tamika Auwai

Tamika Auwai Toronto

Tamika Auwai – Photo: Kathleen Joy Burns

Tamika Auwai is constantly surprising me.

Not only is she extremely friendly, outgoing and incredibly stylish – she’s also a triple black diamond skier, knows all about clog dancing, she’s a thriving entrepreneur and mother to an adorable four year-old.

I met Tamika Auwai over three years ago, when we were both starting our businesses and her vibrant energy struck me completely. When I was looking for someone I could rely on and trust as my Style Editor for The Hip + Urban Girl, Tamika Auwai was the only person I considered.

She has now gone on to launch a very successful fashion consulting business and we still find time to catch-up over lunch or coffee. Tamika Auwai shares her style tips and life advice this week with me as our latest This Beautiful Life profile: (more…)