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Advice For My 20 Year-old Self: Tamika Auwai


By: Tamika Auwai

Being a first born, overachieving Leo – I always did things as expected and carried that into my early adulthood. Ever the model citizen, I went to school for sensible business administration, not my passions of journalism or fashion — more secure job options, I thought. I took the first jobs I was offered whether or not I really interested in learning about the company or industry — better employed than not. I bought into RRSPs and life insurance policies — start saving young for retirement. I moved straight from my parents home into my marital home never really having my own place — better to mortgage than waste money on rent.

If it sounds like a recipe for success, it was. I had $10K in my RRSP and a senior-level management position by age twenty-five. I got married and owned a house by twenty-six. On the surface my life was on track, maybe even ahead of the curve and my parents were quite proud. Underneath I was holding back, focused entirely on the life plan that was given to me rather than stumbling about growing into who I really wanted to become, making choices based on what I thought I should do and not at all what I really longed for. (more…)