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How-To Make An Irish Coffee


In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day next Tuesday March 17th, I thought I would share a little video I flew to Vancouver to shoot for Van Houtte Coffee. If you were ever curious on how-to make a Irish Coffee, I learn the proper traditional technique from my friends at The Irish Heather in Vancouver.


In case you were wondering, I’ll be drinking Irish Coffee all weekend to celebrate.


Corned Beef Hash + Eggs


St. Patrick’s Day is NEXT Tuesday March 17th!

I’m celebrating this weekend with this brunch recipe for Corned Beef + Hash with Eggs. I took a lot of shortcuts and used frozen pre-shredded hashbrowns and pre-packaged corned beef which I found at Trader Joe’s in the deli meats section. It really cuts down on preparation time an I highly recommend it.

Serve with a slice of toast and perhaps a dark coffee with some Bailey’s in it and get into the Irish spirit! If you don’t plan on making this for brunch, this recipe also works for dinner – serve with a salad and a Guinness.

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