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Travel Size Beauty

nuxe travel set


With the holidays coming up there is likely a lot of travel coming up on your schedule. I’ll be heading back to LA soon for a visit and bringing a few of my new travel size beauty favourites with me. Here’s what I’m loving lately!

Nuxe Travel Set – Nuxe is one of my favorite natural brands out there and they put together this cute little travel set of their products in a clear zip-up bag. Includes a cleanser, anti-fatigue day cream, dry oil, hand cream and shower oil – perfect for dehydrated skin after a bunch of travel.


February Beauty Favourites


It’s a new month!

Which means a whole new round-up of beauty products that I’ve personally tested and I think are worthy of a mention. See my past mentions here. Here’s what I loved this month:

InnisFree –  I received these InnisFree It’s a Real Squeeze Facial Masks from my brother-in-law Chris and his girlfriend Alyx, direct from Korea! They even have a cute little blog about teaching English in Seoul. So the Korean beauty market is BIG into these paper masks that are soaked in different nutrients that you lay on your face. They feel incredibly soothing and amazing, but do note that they are loaded with product, so wipe some off ahead of time.

The masks require no rinsing, just rub the remaining product into your face. If you want to give them a try, the are available online here!


Pura Naturals Soap – I love the idea of a soap-infused sponge and Pura Naturals got it right. The soap is vegan and biodegradable, it also dries quickly which makes it perfect for camping or a weekend at the cottage. The sponge itself is quite soft and if you find the square too big for you, you can cut it down to size. The soap created a good bit of lather and was gentle on my skin. Just add water to activate. Each package comes with three sponges, which is a pretty good value. (more…)

How-To Get Straighter Looking Hair



Trying to rock straight and sleek hair?

I have a big puffy frizz ball of thick hair and I’m always trying to figure out how-to get it pin straight when I do decide to bust out my flat iron. I caught up with Rasa Jurenas, Owner of Studio Rasa for her suggestions on getting a straighter looking ‘do.

1) Apply Product – Place a loonie-sized dollop of a straightening cream like OSIS Soft N’Straight. Make sure the product is distributed throughout your full head of hair to get the best results. This product will help smooth the hair, and make it look nice and healthy.