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My 10 Must Eats Toronto


Canada Day is coming up very soon and there is a very long list of must eats Toronto foods that I am definitely homesick for in Toronto. I lived in a bunch of different neighbourhoods for the 10 years I lived dowtown.

My first apartment with Paul was on Brunswick Avenue in the Annex, near Dupont station. We then bought a house in Danforth Village, then we sold it and decided to give condo living a try and moved to St. Lawrence Market. Our landlord sold the condo, so we moved to another condo at Queen & Dufferin before moving to Los Angeles. Living in all these different neighbourhoods exposed me to so many great restaurants and must eats in this amazing food city.

I can’t hit all my favourite food places during my short visits back, but if you have the chance or are visiting for the Pan-Am Games, here are my top 10 must eats Toronto:

1) Mixed Gyro at Messini’s

When I lived on the Danforth and worked late-nights as a DJ, my greasy food stop would be at Messini’s for an authentic Mixed Meat Gyro with Pork, Chicken and French Fries stuffed into the sandwich. Split it with a friend or save half for tomorrow because it’s a big, greasy, delicious sandwich slathered in Tzatziki with tomato and onions. I usually pair it with a coke and a Greek salad or sometimes more french fries. Messini’s is located on the Danforth, open late on the weekends and their gyro sandwich is under $5!


2) Montreal-Style Bagel at St. Urbain Bagel

If I’m going to splurge on a big toasty bagel, THIS is where it’s worth every single calorie. I would also like to add that St. Lawrence Market deserves it’s own category and I’ve written about my Must-Eats of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market because I am so damn passionate about this place. There is SO much more to eat then just bagels, but if I had to pick one – this is probably it. I can’t visit Toronto without a Onion Bagel with Garlic Cream Cheese from St. Urbain Bagel. Pop downstairs to the coffee roasters and grab a cup to go with OR head over to Freshly Squeezed for an orange or grapefruit juice.


3) The Traditional Poutine at Poutini’s

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I lived ACROSS the street in a condo from Poutini’s. It literally took ALL my willpower not to eat poutine every single day. If I had to pick the best poutine in Toronto, I would have to go with Poutini’s for their slick homemade gravy, melty curds and perfect hand-cut fries. And if you’re going to go big, add an extra layer of curds for only $2. Best when shared with a friend. (more…)

This Beautiful Life: Ruth Tal


Ruth Tal, founder of Fresh Restaurants and Juice Bar in Toronto


Ruth Tal knows healthy eating. I make it no secret that one of my favourite places in Toronto is Fresh Restaurant and Juice Bar, a growing vegetarian chain she founded back in 1999. As soon as I land, I head straight to the Queen West location for their crunchy Quinoa Onion Rings and a Baby Beach Bowl with Grilled Tofu.

Since I am such a major fan of their healthy and affordable eats, I was thrilled for the chance to interview Ruth to learn about her own health journey, life advice and career path. Meet Ruth Tal!


What inspired your love of vegan foods and juicing?

My love for this planet and animals inspired me to find ways to tread as lightly on it as I possibly could. Choosing a plant-based diet and juicing were the natural outcome of this intention to help and make a positive difference in the choices I make every day.

Apart from that, I grew up loving my mom’s colourful Moroccan cooking and liberal use of fresh fruits and vegetables. Focusing on vegan foods and juicing meant I could indulge my love of eating legumes, grains, fruits, greens and vegetables even more!