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Oven-Dried Strawberries Recipe


Strawberries are finally in-season! So I thought I would re-share this recipe for the weekend. My plan is to hit up a farmers’ market for sweet, local strawberries and whip up a batch of these oven-dried strawberries on a Sunday.

I spotted this recipe for oven-dried strawberries on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

I picked up a pint of local organic strawberries and didn’t add any additional ingredients. Some recipes do call for salt, but I decided to opt-out in my version here.


Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees F. Cut the green leafy part off your fresh strawberries and cut each berry in half. Lay them curvy-side down on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Make sure to space your berries out so there’s lots of room for air to flow through.


Raw Breakfast Idea


After a long weekend of indulging, I like planning a raw breakfast day into my schedule to get my eating back on track. It’s pretty simple to put together and requires minimal ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Slice up an apple, a banana, add a handful of raw almonds, a few dates (great source of fibre) and a few fresh strawberries and you have the beginnings of a great raw breakfast. A raw protein bar is something I buy special from Whole Foods – it’s too time consuming for me to make and the taste of these raw bars are just perfect. They contain lots of protein which is great for getting my energy levels up and keeps me feeling full. Larabars are also great too! (more…)

My DIY Juice + Raw Food Cleanse


After spending a bunch of time traveling and eating out, I decided to put together my own sort of DIY juice and raw food cleanse to get my mind and body back on track.

I would love to say that I made my own juice, but there’s just no way. I didn’t have the time or patience. I bought my juices from Whole Foods and you can do the same thing. I went with the pressed raw organic juices from Live Organic Food that sell for around $10 each. The green juice alone contains six pounds of leafy greens in one bottle. If I were to buy that much produce and juice it myself, it would likely work out to the same.

The whole cleanse was DIY in the sense because it wasn’t a set program I was following, I just created something that worked right for me. It’s sort of the lazy person’s raw food cleanse where you buy most of the food and assemble it yourself. Here’s what I did:

Day #1 – Raw Food Cleanse

I wanted to ease myself into juicing, so I transitioned onto a raw food diet to get my body ready. You can buy most of this stuff at a health food store and if you can buy organic, even better. This is what I ate:


Breakfast – Larabar, dates, apple slices, banana, strawberries, almonds (more…)