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Meal Prep: Vegetarian Bibimbap Quinoa Bowls


I’ve been trying to do more weekend meal prep lately and am trying to add more vegetarian dishes into my rotation which is how I came about adapting this Bibimbap Quinoa Bowl recipe from one that I spotted in Cooking Light this month.

Instead of beef, I subbed in vegetarian soy crumbles and they were still packed full of flavour. Between that and the quinoa, I definitely felt like I got enough protein out of this meal. You can use ground beef if you’d like! Here’s how you can make this at home:


Roasted Carrot + Spinach Quinoa Bowl


I made this delicious roasted carrot + spinach bowl recently and I’m definitely keeping this hearty and healthy option in my lunch rotation. Make a big batch at the start of the week and separate into individual containers for a healthy lunch all week.


I prefer a bit of protein with my meal, so add grilled tofu steaks, rotisserie chicken breast, chickpeas or black beans. Sliced avocado would be great too! I threw in some leftover steamed broccoli that I had in my fridge. The taste of the roasted carrots and red onions are so full of flavour that I kept the dressing simple. Follow the jump for the recipe! (more…)