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We Are Moving to Portland!

Portland Oregon Sign

First off, apologies for the lack of blog updates on my part. 

Paul and I have been getting ready for a major life change and we JUST signed off on our new place, booked movers and gave notice here in LA. I also spent some time hanging out in Tokyo by myself this month. More on that later!

But first the BIG NEWS: We Are Moving to Portland! (more…)

Travel Guide: Portland, Oregon


***Now updated****

Portland has my heart.

I have traveled to a lot of different cities and have been lucky to experience a lot of different things, but there is something I find SO endearing about Portland that I cannot stop recommending this city to everyone I talk to. It’s the artisanship that goes into the food, beer, and crafts that has me falling in love with the quirky city of ‘Portlandia‘, made even more popular by the TV show of the same name.

Portland is an easy city navigate on foot or by bike. The backdrop of Mount Hood, the turning colour of the trees and the soft mist of rain made the city seem even more romantic to me. Haven’t been to Portland? Go! Go! Go! Here are the things I got up to during my first getaway weekend and I just updated it from my recent (second) getaway!


Getting There – The TriMet Max Train will take you directly from Portland International Airport into downtown for a mere $2.50! You’ll not only breeze past traffic, but you’ll enjoy a pretty view of Mount Hood during this 40-minute train ride to downtown Portland. (more…)