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Spa Life: Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel Pasadena

Chuan Spa Pasadena

I was recently invited by Chuan Spa at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena to come in and try their signature Chuan Yu Facial (1 hour 15 minutes / $230). It was glorious! If you’re looking for an ultra special Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift, this is a luxurious and thoughtful spa gift that anyone would love to have purchased for them. (more…)

The Rose Bowl Flea Market Tips


Happy Wednesday! Sharing a post today of one of my favourite flea markets in LA – The Rose Bowl Flea. The next one is coming up really soon. Hope everyone is having a great week! xo – Lisa

If you ever find yourself in LA for an extended period of time, I highly suggest a day trip out to Pasadena for a visit to the EPIC Rose Bowl Flea Market. It runs on the second Sunday of every month and it is by far the largest flea market I have ever been to. It runs around the entire outside of the Rose Bowl (where the UCLA Bruins play) and into the adjoining parking lot.

We’ve been on the hunt for some furniture because we’re sick of living in a big white box and taking turns sitting on our one exercise ball. Here are a few tips for the Rose Bowl Flea and some photos of what we got up to a couple Sundays ago.


Hanging in the bleachers at the Rose Bowl

Parking – The road to the Rose Bowl Flea parking lot was PACKED at 11 AM. You can do one of two things: wait for free parking and try to find a spot once you get into the lot OR you can pony up $15 for extra close parking, where someone directs you to a spot OR $10 for a lot just a little further away. If you’re showing up to the Rose Bowl Flea during a peak time, you may want to just pay to avoid the hassle. Which is what we ended up doing because the line of cars was barely moving. Yes, there’s even traffic at the Rose Bowl Flea.

Hours – When I was leaving the flea at around 2 pm, there was no line-ups to buy a ticket and the parking lot had calmed the hell down. The vendors start packing up at around 3 pm, so if you’re just going for a casual browse – I would say 1 pm would be a good time to avoid crowds. Admission is $8 and starts at 9 AM. If you’re a hardcore flea market hunter, you can get VIP first access to the Rose Bowl Flea starting at 5 AM for $20!!


 Tin + wood light-up signs for sale! (more…)

Afternoon Tea at The Huntington in Pasadena

Afternoon-Tea-Dessert-The Huntington

If you ever find yourself in Pasadena, California – take a day to visit The Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens. It can keep you captivated for hours and its a great place to meet up with a friend for their Afternoon Tea.

The Huntington was founded by railroad and real estate magnate Henry Edwards Huntington in 1919. The museum and gardens opened to the public in 1928. The room where afternoon tea is served used to be a parlour complete with a bowling alley (which is now the kitchen). I made a visit last month to enjoy their tea service.


Freshly baked scones greeted us at the table accompanied by The Huntington’s famous homemade marmalade (more tart than sweet), clotted cream, berry preserves and butter. We polished off maybe 2-3 scones out of the whole basket and took the rest home to enjoy for a snack later. I loved the chunky texture of the marmalade, but wish it were a bit sweeter. If you do love it, I did see jars available in the garden gift shop. (more…)