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Spa Life: Le Scandinave Spa – Collingwood


Looking for an easy weekend getaway out of Toronto to recharge?

I finally got back to Le Scandinave Spa in Collingwood, Ontario this past weekend and it is still the perfect spa oasis getaway. Located only two hours from downtown, Toronto I usually like to take a Friday off, leave in the morning to avoid traffic on the 400, grab a quick lunch on the way there and be at the spa by 1 PM. (more…)

8 Fall Getaway Ideas From Toronto


Looking for fun fall getaway ideas from Toronto?

I’m sharing a few of my favourite places to watch the leaves turn that are only a short road trip away from my hometown of Toronto. I like to take the weekend away to hike, read, go to the spa and breathe in the crisp cold air in the great outdoors. So round-up your girlfriends or your significant other and let’s hit the road!


1. Prince Edward County, Ontario

One of my all-time favourite weekend trips from Toronto. I would suggest staying at Huff Estates or the Drake Devonshire Inn and pick out a bunch of wineries and restaurants to check out during your visit.

See my Travel Guide to Prince Edward County for more fall getaway ideas for your visit! About a 2.5 hour drive to Picton, Ontario from Toronto.


2. Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario

Relax at this pretty country estate and book a few spa appointments to re-centre yourself. I love hitting all the water therapies, steam room and sauna to detox and reset.

The overnight stays at Ste. Anne’s Spa are all-inclusive, so you don’t have to worry about meals or paying extra for yoga or meditation classes. About a 90 minute drive to Grafton, Ontario. (more…)

Travel Guide: Prince Edward County


Spring is around the corner and one of my favourite things to do when it gets warm is a road trip out of Toronto for an easy weekend getaway. Prince Edward County (PEC) is roughly two hours east Toronto and full of great food and activities that could keep you occupied for a week easily.

Paul’s grandparents built a cottage on the Bay of Quinte near Demorestville and we’ve been going to Picton and the surrounding areas for almost 10 years. Prince Edward County is now booming with wineries, breweries and a cider house. Here are some of our favourites whenever we visit:


Main Street, Picton is quaint and full of charm. You will not want to miss all the cute little stores like Kelly’s Shop (above) which carries an array of cool kitsch, clothing and jewellery. You can find summer clothing, roxy bikinis and skate clothes at Beach Bum in the County.

The Giant Tiger discount store is a small town staple and a great place to stop for cheap clothes and anything you may have forgotten like your jiffy pop, sunscreen or a bathing suit. I find all sorts of random stuff in here. 


Make sure you stop at the historic Regent Theatre to see if any of the movies playing catches your eye. It’s a great place to head to if it starts to rain on your getaway to Prince Edward County. (more…)

This is How I Roll


I’m sharing a Throwback Thursday post today from when Paul and I lived with his parents for 6 months. While we prepared for our move and waited for our visa so we could move from Canada to the USA, we spent a lot of time re-exploring our suburban hometown and decided to go roller skating!

The last time I went roller skating was in grade 6 at an awesome place called Rollerworks in Mississauga, Ontario where I grew up. I can almost guarantee you that I was wearing a neon hypercolour shirt, scrunchie, slap bracelet, soother necklace and baby packpack – it’s been that long and yes, I looked that awesome at the age of 12.


Fast forward a million years and I spy a little roller rink in Clarkson, Mississauga called Scooter’s Roller Palace near where my husband grew up. He had major memories of going to Scooter’s for birthday parties, youth group nights and school trips. Roller skating does have a squeaky-clean PG sort of vibe and NO – it’s not licensed.

It was the first second thing I checked.

There isn’t a bar…but there’s an ICEE machine where you can go crazy and get yourself a good brain freeze. I guess it would be a bad idea to let a bunch of people get drunk and send them along on roller skates, clearly this has been thought through. (more…)

Wine Tasting at Muskoka Lakes Winery


One of my must-stops in the summer is Muskoka Lakes Winery on The Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh in Bala, Ontario where I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon tasting some exquisite fruit wine. They’ve recently added an outdoor patio, where they serve wine by the glass and a seasonal Ontario cheese plate – in case you want to linger (you will).


If you like a sweet summer beverage, I recommend trading in those terrible wine coolers and trade-up for a delicious bottle of Cranberry Blueberry Wine. Just think of all the antioxidants when you are pouring yourself that second glass… am I right? (more…)

Hotel Le Germain: Maple Leaf Square, Toronto

Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square

After finally arriving in LA after an epic road trip across Route 66, I was beckoned back to Toronto for two video shoots and a photo shoot for a quick little work visit (oh the irony!). Since I no longer have an apartment in Toronto, I chose to stay at Hotel Le Germain Maple Leaf Square for its close proximity for all the meetings and appointments I had booked. I seriously fell in love with this boutique-feeling hotel. (more…)